Exploring The Rich History And Culture Of Edinburgh, Scotland

Are you planning a trip to Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh? Edinburgh is a great travel destination for anyone who wants to experience a city with rich heritage and culture. Edinburgh is home to cobblestone streets, stunning views, and annual festivals. Before you head out on your trip, you’ll want to learn a bit about what Edinburgh has to offer. There is no shortage of sites to see and things to do so you want to go in with a plan. Here we are going to cover some of the things you need to know before traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland. Keep reading to find out more.

Where to Stay?

Edinburgh is far from a small city. There are numerous different areas that you can choose to stay in when you visit. The general consensus is that you should stay in either Old Town or New Town with the former being slightly more favorable amongst people who have traveled there. Each of these areas has plenty of accommodation ranging at various price points. These areas also offer great public transport to all of the major attractions that tourists would need to get to. 

Stockbridge is also a more favorable option for accommodation as it offers a slice of authentic Edinburgh life and is home to a variety of great cafes, restaurants, and pubs. For those who are not planning to spend the night or are just passing through, you can store any bags or luggage you are traveling with at Edinburgh left luggage. These locations will take your bags off your hands for the day while you go sight-seeing in the city. 

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How Long Should You Stay

What is the perfect length of time in Edinburgh? Most travelers report needing a minimum of two to three days in the city. This tends to be the length of time needed to see all the major tourist attractions. If you are planning out a European vacation, two to three days should be allotted for this historic city. 

What to Do?

Once you get all the logistical planning out of the way you can finally focus on planning out the fun stuff. There are sights to see, food to eat, and souvenirs to buy! Here are some of the most popular attractions for people visiting Edinburgh:

The Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh Castle is one of the most beloved historical sites in Western Europe. You will want to set aside around three hours to explore this breathtaking structure. The oldest part of the castle, St Margaret’s Chapel, dates back to the 12th century with the newer parts being built just after the First World War. This castle is truly a sight to see, so don’t miss out. 


This is a city that hosts numerous festivals throughout the year. The most well known festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, is hosted between the end of July and early September. Each festival is nothing short of spectacular as you can catch shows at just about every venue throughout the city. These shows range from comedy shows to magic shows to interactive theater. You can find all of the shows and times in the guidebook for each festival. If you happen to be in the city while one of the festivals is going on, make sure to plan some extra time to enjoy the festivities and live entertainment. 

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Old Town

If you did not end up booking your accommodation in Old Town, you definitely want to make some time to head over there and check it out. This is Edinburgh’s oldest neighborhood as it dates all the way back to medieval times. Each narrow street in this town is lined with old-fashioned wool shops, traditional English pubs, and views of historical monuments. 

Eat and Drink

One of the most exciting parts of traveling to a new city is trying out the local cuisine. When you are in Edinburgh, a popular thing to do is The Scotch Whisky Experience. On this tour you will not only get to taste some amazing whisky but you will also get a look at the largest privately owned whisky collection in the world. 

As for food, you have to try some traditional Scottish fare. A full Scottish breakfast at Leith, or a traditional steak pie at Auld Hundred on Rose Street are the perfect meals to help immerse you in the culture. And, of course, you can never go wrong with some classic fish and chips. 

Visit Edinburgh, Scotland

If you are tracking through Europe, Edinburgh, Scotland should definitely be on your list. This city has everything a tourist would want when traveling through the UK. There is so much more to do and see then is covered in this article so make sure to do plenty of research when planning your trip. 

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