Education devices in Pakistan

Education performs an important position withinside the development and improvement of a state. Progress of any use of a relies upon its literacy charge and high-satisfactory of training in that us of a. Therefore, it’s miles the important thing priorities of nations. The Pakistani training device is also one of the oldest withinside the globe. … Read more


Everyone in the world knows about google, it is a big market player in many sectors. Google is accused of abusing its dominance by imposing unwanted restrictions. Before that let’s understand what is Competition. Competition When two or more sellers individually try to acquire patronage of buyers with a motive to earn profit or market … Read more

How Is Facebook Using An In-House Version of PHP To Get Ahead?

This guest post summarises Facebook’s programmability and corporate partnership. Social media platforms constantly change their platform architecture, interfaces, governance, frameworks, etc. Here we trace the evolution of Facebook from social networking site to a “platform-as-infrastructure”. In this context, we discuss that the growth of Facebook depends much on its ability to the evolution of platforms. … Read more
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