Places To Visit In Chennai 

Chennai has emerged as one of the best locations for IT corporations and many other organisations to prosper as one of the largest economic and educational hubs of South India. We’re confident that you have or will soon travel to this constantly bustling city for formal business. For an amazing experience, be sure to stay at Leela Palace Chennai to enjoy your classy stay. Have you ever considered visiting Chennai and all of its stunning monuments? If not then you really should because you will be amazed totally with the places. On your next business trip, read on to learn about these popular tourist attractions in Chennai to brighten your mood. The places are as follows:-

Sick of Chennai’s oppressive heat? Make the Marina Beach your favourite getaway location. The longest beach in India and one of the longest in the world are found in Chennai along the coast of the Gulf of Bengal. Do you have enough time to visit this magnificent location in the morning or the evening? We advise you to not pass up the opportunity to witness the sun setting or rising from the beach. You may shop for souvenirs such as counterfeit jewellery, shell memories at the stalls on the beach side. It is one of the best locations in Chennai to go with friends and is ideal for sand castle building and beach volleyball.

  • ValluvarKottam

Those of you who love literature may have heard or read about the legendary Tamil poet and saint, Thiruvalluvar. Thiruvalluvar is regarded as one of the greatest Tamil scholars by the uninitiated. A complexly constructed chariot named ValluvarKottam was created in his honour. It is preferable to view ValluvarKottam’s splendour in the early morning or as the sun is sinking. Are you unsure about how to get here? Taxis and buses may be accessed from all around the city at the location, which is at the intersection of Kodambakkam High Road and Village Road.

  • Thousand Lights Mosque

For local Muslims, this multi-domed mosque, a treasured site of worship, practically lights up the Royapettah neighbourhood of Chennai. The Thousand Lights Mosque is so named because it is thought that in earlier times, the mosque’s hall required the illumination of roughly 1000 lights. It should go without saying that this location appears simply stunning when lit up, making it one of the most well-liked sites to visit at night in Chennai. This mosque is an outstanding example of mediaeval architecture, with two minarets rising to a height of around 4 feet.

  • Elliot’s Beach

Elliot’s Beach is a well-known destination to visit with friends or family due to the presence of AshtalakshmiKovil nearby. One of India’s cleanest seafronts is this lovely beach, which bears Edward Elliot’s name. Elliot served as the Chief Magistrate and Superintendent of Madras during the British era. In this serene and beautiful setting, you can sunbathe, unwind, and put your stress away. This location, which is on the list of popular sites in Chennai for couples, is perfect for a moonlit stroll.

  • Ashtalakshmi Temple

Ashtalakshmi Temple, regarded as the residence of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Wisdom, is a short distance from Besant Beach. The heavenly ambiance of this temple, which was built to worship the eight manifestations of Lady Lakshmi, is sure to make you feel at ease. What about this location is most intriguing? The waves of the ocean echo in the temple complex, which further makes it all the more calm. This temple is a perfect excellent setting for spiritual enlightenment and putting anxieties to rest.

  • Mylapore

Want to experience Chennai’s vibrant and rich culture? Go to Mylapore, which is regarded as Chennai’s cultural centre and has a 1500-year history! Mylapore is the place to go whether you want to view stunning temples or indulge in mouth-watering South Indian cuisine. The neighbourhood is one of the top spots for amusement in Chennai because of all of this and the limitless shopping opportunities.

  • Connemara Public Library

Nerdy heads, the Connemara Library has every textbook you may possibly need. Don’t trust us? This is one of the four national depository libraries, which hold practically all of the books published in India. This library includes everything you may want, from current literature to historical texts to periodicals. Connemara also includes a periodic hall, video room, and reference room for the benefit of readers. Can you even begin to grasp the size of this library? You must conduct your own investigation!

  • Royapuram Fishing Harbour 

Although seeing the fishermen bring in their freshly caught catch may not sound all that appealing, it is a sight to witness. While here, don’t forget to take pictures of the gorgeous dock and backwaters as well. Are you considering the enjoyable things you can do here? Learn to identify the many fish species, or perhaps even how to catch fish! Come early in the morning to watch the fish being unloaded and then being auctioned off to local restaurateurs.

  • Temple of Marundeeswarar

Know someone who is experiencing health issues? The Marundeeswarar Temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva in the form of the God of Remedies, might be of interest to you. According to mythology, Sage Agastya was taught the properties of magical drugs by Lord Marundeeswarar. The temple, which is thought to have been constructed in the eleventh century, provides prasada of mil, ash, and water that is claimed to treat illnesses. This is a must-see location in Chennai because of the elegance of the Dravidian architecture.

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Chennai, the culturally rich capital of Tamil Nadu, is a place entrenched deep in cultural history, traditions, and work of arts. On the one side, it offers natural attractions like beaches, while on the other, it has architectural wonders influenced by British colonial architecture. With so many attractions in Chennai, visitors have a wide range of alternatives for a leisurely exploration of the city. Huge temples’ sky-touching spires inspire a sense of devotion and mysticism. Individuals engage in a variety of cultural activities and have distinctive lives.

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