Methods for engaging followers on an Instagram account

How to attract more followers to Instagram and increase account engagement. It’s easier than it looks, so read the article.

How to boost your Instagram account activity with followers

How to increase targeted followers on Instagram. Ways to attract an audience for your account. Fast growth of followers.

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To attract an audience to your Instagram page, it’s not enough just to post cute and useful posts on it. Of course, and it is important, but there is no benefit from quality content if no one sees it. At the very least, you need to make sure that your publications are seen by potential readers.

How exactly to get people interested and convince them to become subscribers to your Instagram, we’ll tell you next.

Paid promotion tools Instagram account

Targeted advertising

The advantages of

  • It is enough to set up an advertising campaign, and then the targeting will work automatically. You only need to monitor the indicators. And it is quite convenient to analyze the data and work with the reports.
  • To start targeting advertising minimum daily fee is only 50 rubles. Such favorable terms allow you to not limit yourself to one creative, and run several at once and weed out the most unsuccessful. This is especially valuable when you need to get subscribers from scratch.

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Setting up a targeting requires knowledge and skills. In “Instagram” it is more difficult than, for example, in VK, as here the choice of target audience is more blurred. Therefore, on this site there is a higher risk of unnecessary costs. It happens that an ad is designed in full accordance with the rules of Instagram, but it is not accepted. And it is practically impossible to find out what the problem is – technical support does not respond to appeals.


Advantages of

  • Direct access to the target audience. The easiest way to find your potential subscribers is through bloggers working in the relevant niche. Working with them is especially effective when promoting new, complex or incomprehensible products for a mass audience. In thematic blogs you get an opportunity to tell about your project in an accessible language and demonstrate its value exactly where many interested people gather.
  • Authoritativeness of bloggers. Subscribers listen to their opinions, value advice and even copy behavior. Therefore, the recommendation to buy your product or praise of services from such an authority allows you to quickly gain subscribers on Instagram and increase the number of sales.
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  • Difficulties in finding and working with bloggers. The authors of a suitable blog need to be found first, to make sure that they have “live” subscribers, not clicked subscribers, and that there is no copy-paste. Careful drafting of terms of reference and control of the tone of publications is required in the process of cooperation. It is possible that even when working in one direction your product will not suit the blogger.
  • The risk of encountering unfairness. Even if you take precautions, thoroughly check and prepare everything, this may not be enough for success. There is a serious risk of falling into the hands of not very dishonest blogger, who will take your money and stop communicating, will ignore the TOR or arbitrarily delay the publication of advertising posts. In this case, all the costs fall on you. There have even been cases where a blogger has used information provided by an advertiser to promote his competitor. Fortunately, there are more conscientious and honest bloggers, but it is still worth protecting yourself. Sign a contract with him, and it will at least reduce the risks. Without an official fixation of mutual obligations you will not be able to counteract the “I don’t want” of a spoiled Instagrammer.
  • High rates. Ordering a publication from a blogger with a large audience is not cheap. But with a prudent approach to business, such costs pay off. In the absence of funds, you can use the services of micro- and nano-bloggers. They are not yet so well promoted to ask too much for their services, but they may well have quality subscribers. And even if there is enough money for a millionaire blogger, a large number of micro or nano bloggers for the same amount may be more effective.

Opinion Leaders


These people have managed to earn a reputation as experts in their field and are respected for their expertise. An opinion leader can be, for example, a stylist, doctor or educator who is popular in the city and whose point of view is valued as highly as possible and perceived as unconditional truth. Such people can influence the audience much more than bloggers. For them, their own reputation is important, so you can not be afraid of deception or dishonest attitude to commitments. You will definitely not be let down, there is no need to check whether the opinion leader has a high-quality audience and whether there are no tweaks. They always manage to attract active and thoughtful subscribers. As an example of a successful collaboration, one company promotes diet products through a fitness champion.


  • Significant costs. An opinion leader can charge a very decent amount for their services.
  • There is a high probability of rejection. Not every person who is popular in their field will take on advertising. And even if you manage to get agreement, he will not promote the product, if he can not test it or doubt the consumer properties. Reputation is especially important to an opinion leader, and he won’t risk it by promoting something that smells bad.
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Advantages of

Such promotion tools allow you to get a significant increase in subscribers fairly quickly. In addition, the advertising campaign can go viral, and this gives an increase in traffic and increases recognition.

You can use a wide variety of promotion techniques. Here are just a few examples.

  • A contest in which subscribers have to repost the suggested post in their storis.
  • Outlined in the form of a game proposal to mark the audience under your publication of their friends.
  • A promotion in which subscribers need to write and publish a post about your product or a story on a given topic, write the hashtag of the promotion and tag your page.


  • High costs. First of all, you need a prize that can interest potential subscribers. In addition, if your goal is to attract a target audience and increase sales outside of your Instagram account, you need to collaborate with bloggers and run targeted ads in parallel.
  • The questionable quality of the audience attracted by contests. Most of the people who sign up hoping for prizes are freeloaders, and immediately after the contest ends, they unsubscribe.

Free legal ways of promotion Instagram account

Working with bloggers on a barter basis


Options abound. You could, for example, offer a blogger to recommend your page in their post and, for their part, promise to repost it in their storis. For the media or seller of products in which the author of the blog is knowledgeable, he can act as an expert, writing relevant posts and telling about your products on his page. As a result, you manage to add subscribers through mutual exchange and get content for free. Small bloggers willingly agree to such cooperation, and if your brand is already quite promoted, you can count on the interest of popular people with hundreds of thousands and millions of subscribers.


  • Before you start working with a blogger, you need to find out what kind of reputation he has.
  • Not everyone will agree to barter, and you can spend a lot of time searching.
  • Bloggers are far from always conscientiously fulfilling their obligations even for a fee, and with such a form of cooperation as exchange of services violations of agreements occur even more often. Therefore, constant monitoring is needed.

Cross PR with other companies

Advantages of

Thanks to mutual promotion it is possible to attract the attention of relevant subscribers. Working together on promotion is organized in much the same way as with bloggers.


  • You have to look for the right company for a long time and with great difficulty to convince its management and negotiate the terms.
  • The potential partner often has his own vision of advertising on the barter and a lot of requirements.
  • A lot of time and effort has to be spent on checking the reputation and monitoring the obligations. When your audience’s attitude toward the company you’re partnering with deteriorates, yours suffers as well.
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Branded hashtags and user content

Benefits of

You can publish photos taken by subscribers on your channel to motivate your audience to post such content too. You don’t have to pay for such services, and you can get good results. Subscribers use your product, take selfies with it and post them with hashtags, and potential consumers see this and have an interest that makes them subscribe to your channel.


  • Limited scope of use. This method of attracting the audience is not always suitable. If the services are complex, there will be problems with finding content options that users can publish without violating the concept of the channel. The solution is to post reviews in storis.
  • Branded hashtags often collect negativity from offended customers.
  • A lot of time and effort has to be spent on checking reputations and monitoring commitments. When your audience’s attitude toward the company you’re partnering with deteriorates, yours suffers as well.

Viral Content

Benefits of

Such publications are sure to be read and viewed. They tend to be eagerly commented on, recommended and shared. Virtually any content can become viral, even if there are no bids on it. Especially good if they are videos, cards with instructions, useful selections, posts on current topics and news.


You have to constantly invent some interesting novelties. And it may require additional funds. And even then, success is not guaranteed.

Thematic hashtags


Your posts will fall into the “recent” category, and they will be seen by many members of your target audience, and this is a chance to increase the number of subscribers for free. To maximize your readership, combine relevant hashtags with narrowly focused ones.


  • Requires a constant search for hashtag ideas.
  • New subscribers are likely to be very few. If you do it well, you can at least compensate for the outflow of the old audience.


Advantages of

This method allows you to get free subscribers with the right geolocation. This is especially relevant if your market is limited to one locality (region) or you need to attract the attention of consumers located in certain places (stores, cinemas, restaurants, etc.).


People rarely pay attention to geotags, so you should not expect a significant increase in subscribers.

Comments below the posts of the target audience

Advantages of

Increases trust in the brand and expands the audience. It is possible to give subscribers recommendations on behalf of experts, to answer their questions and, if necessary, to cautiously supplement or correct their posts.


You’ll spend a lot of time finding the right people and publications, as well as preparing responses that you still need to know how to write. In addition, there is the risk of causing a negative reaction. By intruding on behalf of a company on a personal blog, you can get an unexpected reaction.

To summarize

Different areas of activity have their own characteristics of promotion, and not all of the methods described will work in each case. Which tool is more effective depends on the specifics of the product and the target audience. Try different options, choose the right ones, and you will surely be able to expand the circle of your followers on Instagram.

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