A Guide to the Different Types of Airports

Have you ever wondered about the different types of airports around the world? There are a lot of different types to know in the aviation industry, but we’ve got everything you need to know in this article.

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Classifying Airports By Size

Depending on region and size, they may offer limited-service airline flights, as well as refueling and some cargo handling. The greatest variety within all of the airport options is found when classified by size:

Very Small Airports

Very small airports (VSP) are typically considered to be airports that handle less than 10,000 passengers per year. These small airports may have a single runway or two smaller runways, and the corresponding apron area or taxiway can also be limited.

Small Airports

Small airports are those typically with fewer than 500,000 annual passengers and may be privately owned or managed by a local municipality.

Many will offer a full-service Fixed Based Operation Epps, meaning they provide all the necessary services needed for flight, including hangar storage, fueling, and maintenance.

Medium-Sized Airports

Medium airports generally tend to be located in smaller cities and towns. This gives travelers a chance to experience the local culture and get a more intimate experience.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Each Airport Type

Each type has distinct advantages and disadvantages. The most common types of airports are the following:

Major Airports

They offer the most services and facilities. This allows passengers to access the widest range of air travel options, but tend to be more expensive.

Regional Airports

They typically specialize in certain types of air travel services. They offer passengers fewer options and often lower prices than major airports.

International Airports

They offer access to far corners of the world. But they require more specialized services and allow for longer travel times.

No matter which type of airport you choose, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each in order to ensure you make the best travel decisions for your needs.

Preparing for a Flight at Different Airports

Knowing the different types of airports can help you prepare for a successful and safe flight. Preparing for a flight at different airports is an important factor to consider. Knowing the size, rules, and facilities of the airport you are using can help you more easily navigate the area.

It can also help you determine what to pack for your journey. It can help you decide how early you should arrive at the airport for your flight. Understanding the types of airports can help you prepare for longer layovers or unexpected changes due to the size and location of the airport.

Learn the Types of Airports Today

There are a variety of types of airports to be aware of. Each type of airport has different rules and characteristics to keep in mind. Understanding the differences between these airports is essential for safe and smooth air travel.

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If you’re getting ready to take off, check your destination’s airport type so you can be prepared!

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