What is the difference between a server and a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers can be said not only that they provide security, but also provide the right foundation for many websites. Thus, they are a modern hosting solution. However, what is the difference between a dedicated server and a VPS server?

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In order to be able to indicate when dedicated servers are the best solution, it is worth emphasizing that in practice they are nothing more than computers permanently connected to the Internet, providing optimal conditions for operation. They are a dedicated machine, unlike shared hosting, which is a huge advantage because users of dedicated servers have the ability to use all their resources, such as disk space, processor power or RAM. Due to this, it can be indicated that dedicated servers provide the possibility of development, full freedom of action regardless of the project being implemented. They are physically available in two options, i.e. in the version with administration and in the root version.

In the case of dedicated server it is indicated that they are intended only for one user or organization. They differ from shared servers or cloud servers in that they are managed by only one person, and therefore it affects the comfort and security of data.

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When it comes to a dedicated server with administration, it is a service that gives you access to the administration panel through which you manage e.g. e-mail, domains or FTP accounts. Importantly, the great advantage of such a dedicated server with administration is great technical support, because administrators often help customers solve current problems. It happens that this service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, people buying this type of servers can count on comprehensive support – regardless of the day and time. The security of this type of servers and the ability to configure firewall protection are also very important, as well as the fact that dedicated servers with administration perform regular data backups and constantly monitor the operation and availability of the server.

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In turn, a root dedicated server is intended for experienced users who can administer the server on their own. It is up to them which operating system they choose and install.

In this situation, having a server with root access comes with additional responsibility. It is important to take care of regular data and application backups as well as security checks.

To sum up, dedicated servers are solutions designed for websites that face heavy traffic every day, and therefore face a big challenge. Nowadays, it seems obvious that it is worth paying for a lease or buying a better server – one that meets the needs of expanding enterprises or websites.


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a response to the ever-changing, dynamic e-commerce environment. Currently, it faces more and more challenges and it seems that only dedicated servers are able to meet them.

Another important asset for efficient and economical resource management is the scheduling of resource changes. It is a very intuitive and useful tool with which you can plan what resources will be replaced, for what period of time, and when exactly they will be automatically activated and deactivated. And you don’t need to worry about anything else. The designed, proprietary system will take care of everything itself. There doesn’t seem to be an easier solution…

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