Prepaid Card

WestStein Prepaid Card Benefits

It is very difficult to understand the countless payment instruments offered today. Here you should understand for what purposes it is planned to use the funds located in the virtual space.
If you need to make all kinds of expenses or receive certain payments using a bank card without linking to the main bank account, you should pay attention to the WestStein prepaid card. The convenience of this prepaid card is that it does not require opening an account, drawing up and signing an agreement to receive it. The opening is extremely fast – the main thing is that you have access to the Internet.
A prepaid card has a limit on the replenishment of funds, which you set yourself. Making various purchases and making payments on the Internet is now extremely simple and fast with a WestStein prepaid card. At the same time, you should not worry that your spending will exceed the limit, since an overdraft is simply not provided.
The benefits of prepaid cards include:
issuance as soon as possible;
account maintenance without commission;
the presence of an overdraft, which eliminates the overspending of personal funds;
cardholder privacy;
ongoing customer service;
ensuring security at a high level.

Virtual prepaid card

A virtual prepaid card allows you to make payments and make purchases anywhere, wherever you are, you only need access to the network. In addition, you do not have to worry about losing the card, because it is virtual.
And of course, control over card payments becomes convenient with the help of mobile banking, where you track all expenses and replenishments of your account.

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Free prepaid card

Whether you are planning a trip, transferring money to loved ones, or just shopping online, a free prepaid card will become your true assistant.
Prepaid cards are a banking product that provides an opportunity to bypass cash payments to make purchases and make various payments. Moreover, replenishing this card is extremely simple, through the terminal in cash or transferring a certain amount from a bank account.

Order a prepaid Mastercard

It will not be difficult to order a Mastercard prepaid card in the shortest possible time. To do this, you need to go through a simple registration and in 5 minutes you will be able to replenish your account.
When traveling to different countries, you can withdraw cash with a fixed fee in EUR. And do not worry about the safety of use, because the prepaid card is not tied to the main bank account.
Using a Mastercard prepaid card, you are guaranteed to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises, as online fraud is gaining momentum. Using the WestStein prepaid card will give you pleasure because it is fast, simple and convenient.

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