Reasons for Visiting the USA in Winter

It is challenging to decide the best time to vacation in the United States. The vast country occupies half of the North American continent and includes different climates. Most of the warm season is the perfect time to go to the U.S. to swim in the ocean waves. California, Hawaii, and just about any city on both ocean coasts have every opportunity for a great seaside vacation. And if you’re looking to get out of winter into summer, Florida is the way to go. Here even winter is a warm and sunny time when flying to the U.S. for a seaside vacation is well worth it.

Travel to the USA in Winter

Winter America is a skier’s paradise. There are plenty of ski resorts to suit all tastes, and winter is the time to go to the USA if you want to go skiing or snowboarding. And if you’re interested in museums or shopping, interactive parks, and other unique places, you can visit them any time of year.

If you are going to travel by the USA in winter, rent a car, for example, Jeep Wrangler for the best way to travel a lot among available cars for rent.

The high season in the United States is from May to September and December during the Christmas holidays. Low season in the U.S. begins in October and ends in late April. Prices at this time are similar to summer.

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In most U.S. states, winter weather is relatively mild, ranging from +4C to +10C. In northern states, winter temperatures can reach as low as -10C. Seattle often has heavy snowfalls, and Utah, New York, Nevada, and other states open their ski seasons in winter.

While skiing in Colorado and Utah, you can still swim in Florida, where temperatures don’t drop below +22C. In Alaska, it is better not to go there in winter – it can get down to -35C.

Florida in winter

Because of its geographic location and proximity to the Gulf Stream, Florida has a hot climate. And thanks to its excellent beach resorts, the state is a bathing paradise.

Miami enjoys hot summers for up to 12 months! But winters are warm and dry, though you can find a little rain.

Visitors who want to visit winter Florida for the first time need to stock up on warm clothes, as the evenings in the sunny state are pretty remarkable.

When is the best time to vacation in Florida?

Florida is situated in the far southeastern United States. It covers the entire peninsula territory, bearing the same name and a slight stretch of land along the Gulf Coast. Due to its geographic location and proximity to the Gulf Stream, Florida has a warm climate. With its excellent beach resorts, the state is a bathing paradise for beach lovers. So, if you arrive at Orlando, Florida, use Orlando car offers to rent any vehicle to go through Florida for a trip in winter.


In this city with a tropical monsoon climate, there is no winter. Miami has hot summers for all 12 months! Winters are warm and dry, although it rains a little.

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Tourists who want to visit winter Florida for the first time should stock up on warm clothes, as evenings in this sunny state are pretty cool.


December in Miami is unpredictable! As they say, as luck would have it. For example, in December 2010, Americans were shocked because there was a small amount of snow on the streets, and car windows were covered with frost. Not snow drifts, of course, but still for tourists who came to spend their vacations in the warmth of summer – not pleasant. Often the temperature in December doesn’t rise above five degrees, so locals and visitors have to swim in the heated pool and wear warm clothes. It gets more relaxed in the evening. In 2016, the average temperature was around 25 degrees during the day, the water was warm, and you could swim.


The winter is considered the most incredible month in Miami (a few degrees cooler than in December and usually 22-24 degrees), although it is regarded as the most touristy. In January, you can safely walk around Miami Beach in a tank top and shorts, swim, and sunbathe. But the water in the pools (if it is unheated) is cold. So if you want a fancy hotel with a pool, ask if it has a heated water feature.


This month is warmer than the previous month. In principle, it is not much different from January, but the temperature increases by several degrees. So in February, you can still swim and sunbathe.


So, if you travel to America in the winter, you need to figure out what vacation you prefer: skiing or beach holidays. If you like skiing, you should go to North America. But if you want to relax on the beach, welcome to the south and the Gulf of Mexico.

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