Is It Possible to Treat Gum Disease at Home?

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with gum disease?

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is an infection in the gums surrounding your teeth. The infection can not only hurt but cause irreversible damage to your teeth and lead to tooth loss. Any disease that affects your teeth can change the appearance of your smile as well.

Gum disease is not just painful but also expensive to treat. Without early intervention, the cost of treatment can be high.

Is it possible to treat gum disease at home? Here’s what you should know about treating gum disease at home.

Natural Remedies to Help Alleviate Gum Inflammation

Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is essential in preventing gum disease, as plaque and tartar buildup can cause gum inflammation and irritation.

Additionally, adding more fiber to your diet can be beneficial as it can help reduce gum inflammation as it will help remove toxins from the body more effectively. Adding vitamin C, E, and omega-3 essential fatty acids to your diet can help reduce inflammation of the gums.

Improving Oral Hygiene to Keep Gum Disease at Bay

Developing a consistent cleaning and hygiene routine helps keep plaque from building up around and in between your teeth, which can help prevent gum disease from progressing. Additionally, rinsing with an alcohol-free antimicrobial mouthwash helps reduce bacteria that lead to gum disease.

If gum disease treatment has already set in, visiting a local dentist office may be a good option. They may provide additional treatment like antibiotics or recommendations to a periodontist. Along with improved oral care habits and regular dental exams, it is possible to treat and keep gum disease at bay.

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Dietary Changes for Improving Gum Health

It is possible to treat gum disease at home through dietary changes. Eating a nutritious and balanced diet is essential for preventing and managing gum disease. Foods high in fiber and antioxidants can also help keep gums healthy by helping to prevent and reduce inflammation.

Finally, drinking plenty of water helps to flush bacteria out of the mouth and keeps unhealthy gums hydrated. Implementing these dietary changes can help improve gum health and reduce the risk of developing gum disease.

Over-the-Counter Products That May Help Treat Gum Disease

Over-the-counter products can help treat gum disease. However it is important to note that these are not a substitution for seeing your doctor or dentist. Some products may even worsen the condition.

That being said, there are various products that may help treat periodontitis and gingivitis, such as mouth rinses with chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, and xylitol. These products kill bacteria, reduce the amount of plaque, and even reduce bad breath.

Additionally, toothpastes with stannous fluoride and triclosan have been known to improve gum health. Lastly, it is important to visit your dentist at least every six months for a professional dental cleaning and to detect the signs of gum disease before it develops into something more severe.

How to Treat Gum Disease at Home

It can help reduce or reverse the symptoms to treat gum disease at home. You should carefully consider your diet, oral hygiene practices, and lifestyle changes.

Visit a dentist for regular checkups, and always remember to floss and brush your teeth twice a day. Give your gums the care and attention they deserve, and watch them stay healthy and strong. Take action today and start treating your gum disease at home.

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