Healthy Productivity: How to Kill Germs in Your Office

Most people wouldn’t think of using the kitchen or bathroom in their home without cleaning it regularly. Yet, if you work an office job, you might not think to regularly clean your desk, cubicle, or individual office.

Now, consider that the average person will spend around 90,000 hours, or around one-third of their life, at work. That’s a lot of time spent sitting at a questionably clean desk. It’s also a lot of time spent being exposed to germs brought in by many other employees or clients.

A clean office can reduce your exposure to germs. It can also reduce your sick days and even boost your productivity. Keep reading to learn some simple tips to kill germs in the office.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

If you tend to only clean your desk or office space when it’s visibly dirty, it’s time for a change. Achieving a clean office starts with establishing a cleaning schedule.

Break down the areas of your office that you plan to clean, create a plan for when it will get done, and then assign the task. You can even further break down your cleaning between deep cleans and surface-level cleans.

While a deep clean might mean clearing everything off the surface of the desk to give it a scrub, a surface-level clean might simply be a quick wipe-down to get rid of surface germs over the most-used area of your desk.

Ensure Cleaning Supplies are Readily Available

If you’re creating a plan to keep an entire office clean, another tip you’ll want to use is to always make sure that cleaning supplies are readily available to employees.

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Providing cleaning supplies like wipes and disinfectant sprays will make it easier for employees to keep their own spaces clean. Consider setting aside a cabinet or space where employees can grab the cleaning supplies that they need when they need them. You can even provide some disinfectant tips, such as suggestions on how often employees should be wiping down their keyboards or computer mouse.

To save on costs while still providing a steady supply of materials for killing germs, you can buy sani cloth disinfecting wipes in bulk online.

Don’t Forget the Common Areas

When it comes to learning how to kill germs in the office, areas like your desk or other workspaces are often the first thing we focus on. But don’t forget to clean and disinfect any common areas, too.

This includes spaces like community kitchens, sitting areas, alternative workspaces, or breakrooms. Just like your desk or individual office, you should have a schedule for when and how you’ll clean these spaces, as well as who will be responsible for doing so.

Choosing the Best Methods to Kill Germs in Your Office

If you’re ready to kill germs in your office to enjoy a healthier, happier workspace, these tips are a great place to start. Creating a cleaning schedule, making cleaning supplies readily available, and taking care of any common areas in addition to desks can go a long way towards keeping your office clean and germ-free!

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