Heart of PointClickCare: A Year in Review

Our Heart of PointClickCare blog series has actually allowed us to meet with as well as pick up from a few of our fantastic customers. This collection gave us with a possibility to honour PointClickCare customers from across the market and display the incredible job they do each day in taking care of our senior populace. Although this past year had not been constantly simple, our consumers did everything they might to make sure those they looked after had the very best treatment feasible. pointclickcarecna

As we reflect on this series, we keep in mind those people who shared their stories with us. Here are a few of our preferred moments from this collection.

Bridget Ronaghan– The key is synergy

” The people that function right here really care about our citizens. Every person from registered nurses, managers, to our facilities team, they have all stepped up and we have faced the challenges together. It makes me proud to function below with such unbelievable people.”

Melissa Draper– We remain in this together

” I’ve had a great deal of success making use of PointClickCare options throughout the years, as well as I have actually additionally had lots of useful feedback as well. What makes PointClickCare unique is their desire to really pay attention to their consumers, regardless of how huge or small. If something isn’t working for you, they want to know about it and also they wish to apply a remedy to make it better. It seems like a more than just a vendor, it’s a partnership.”

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Jason Hillside– Compassion goes a long way

” I feel our facility is special due to the fact that we genuinely recognize each person we offer. Our mission is to treat citizens like family members due to the fact that they are. We constantly say yes, our center may be rather dated, however the care we give is absolutely outstanding. And our personnel is unbelievably committed, most of them have been with us for 10, 20 also 30 plus years.”

Karolyn Davis– Going above and beyond

” After years in nursing, I took a position in the informatics department for Quality Life Solutions. It was a change for me, but it also opened a new field of understanding as well as a new method I can help to offer our residents.”

Rebecca Logue– Accomplishing success with your EHR

” A software must not be a one-size-fits-all, since we all utilize it in various means and also have specific goals we intend to accomplish. Most of us do things in a different way; we have numerous operations and rules and policies throughout the nation to think about. All of these things need to be versatile in your EHR, or it won’t be successful.” pointclickcarecna

Jessica Benjamin– Getting back to regular

” I really take pleasure in operating at Rouse, it’s such a remarkable environment and also everyone right here is a team player. All of the team are so terrific to deal with as well as specifically in this previous year, if we didn’t have that, I do not recognize that I might still be weathering the tornado.”

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Lisa Leatherwood– Overcoming uncertainty

” We took a technique to COVID-19 that no other center in the region did, which was a company stance on being completely transparent. We connected with the households prior to it took place and saw to it they recognized exactly what to anticipate in the event of an outbreak. We were sincere regarding how many cases we had, what we were doing about it, as well as we obtained a great deal of assistance from our area because of that.”

Chandra Wilson– Neighborhood of assistance

” Throughout the worst days of the pandemic, we really began to see the substantial impact the absence of socializing has actually carried our community. Whether it be good friends, family members, or just fellow homeowners, everybody was feeling the effects of isolation. It was because of this that we produced and also executed a friend program with citizens and also team.”

Linley Glover– Health care heroes

” It was incredible to see them stepping up as well as volunteering in any way they could. In those unpredictable times, we still really did not understand a whole lot concerning the infection, yet every one of our team were still going to work with the COVID-19 positive locals, which just showed us that we most definitely had the right people for the job. Our staff respect the well-being of their locals above all else, as well as we could not be more happy to them for stepping up the method they did.” pointclickcare cna

Nancy McCune– Keeping households linked

Currently more than ever, it is necessary to ensure our seniors have the ability to remain connected to their families and friends and also regain some sense of normality. Considering that the start of the pandemic Westmoreland Manor recognized it was their duty to do whatever they might to assist residents stay connected which’s just what they have actually done.

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Leslie Pedtke– The power of empathy

” That’s when I created Via the Looking Glass as my own way to educate empathy as well as person-centered treatment. With this program, I had my personnel action into the facility and also live like reliant locals in a long-term treatment setup. They were offered a diagnosis as well as they had to live the function of that diagnosis the whole time they existed.”

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