day and night blinds

Exploring Day and Night Blinds for the Whole Home

Day and night blinds are a great option for a window covering as they are a perfect blend of offering privacy and light control. Coming in a range of colours and styles, they are also called zebra blinds as they alternate in strips of fabric so you can change between a block of colour for fully closed blinds and then stripes that filter the light and what can be seen outside. Here is a look at how they can work for the whole home!

Working in the kitchen

As well as choosing modern vertical blinds, another great option in the kitchen are day and night blinds. It is a place where people prepare food but also entertain, relax, gather together and more so the window treatments need to be able to handle that. These blinds do just that offering good control of light so you can make it more private when eating or let in light so you can see as you chop. You can get stylish and modern blinds that work well in all kinds of kitchen styles.

Relax in the living room

Another place in the home you will want excellent light control is the living room, a place where people socialise, use screens and watch TV. To reduce issues of glare day and night blinds can be adjusted as you need depending on the time of day. When you do not want people walking past to see in you set them to something more private. Living rooms are often one of the most multi-functional spaces in a home so it makes sense to choose a blind or window treatment that is also multi-functional. Explore the range of colours and enjoy what they can add to the decor of any living room.

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Privacy in the bedroom

A lot of people mistakenly think that having varying levels of control over the light coming in from a window in a bedroom is not necessary. This is not the case though. A lot of us do more in the bedroom than just sleep and that means having day and night blinds allows us to do this. We can get complete light block out and privacy when it is needed, but we can also filter the light when children want to play in their rooms or when you want to read or use your tablet or such. Adding details like layering is a great way to put in additional softness with the blinds if you prefer it.

Add meaning to the conservatory

Some homeowners are lucky enough to have conservatories, great rooms that are very open where people relax, work, read, play and more. You might think something like vertical blinds would be best for all that glass but day and night blinds could also work well here. It allows you to have more control over the light coming in and you can create a section that is more cosy while having another section more open if that is what you enjoy.


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