Everything to Know About Inflammation and its Causes

According to an on call doctor Dubai, modern food products have entirely taken over our diets. The consumption of everyday food products has increased, which leads to a sharp increase in diseases and other bodily and health-related problems. Inflammation comes to mind when we think about them.

Yes, we are indeed more susceptible to new foods and beverages. It doesn’t seem easy to get through a single day without them. Despite being aware of their undeniable negative consequences on our health, we frequently ingest them. It isn’t inaccurate to state that these foods have become more and more familiar to our taste receptors.

Inflammation has emerged as one of many problems and illnesses that need careful attention. According to a survey, the prevalence of inflammatory illnesses and chronic inflammation in western civilization ranges from 5% to 7%. Additionally, many other inflammatory diseases in the body tend to become more prevalent due to chronic inflammation. In a short period, the prevalence of inflammation in the UAE alone increased from 2% to 4%. Inflammatory bowel illness, which can be fatal, results from this.

What is the Cause of Inflammation?

The leading cause of inflammation is our diet and food consumption habits, which significantly contribute to the destruction of our health. Increased C-reactive protein levels (CRP) are the root cause of inflammation in the body, which first manifests in the blood.

According to the study, inflammatory messengers activate by sugary foods and C-reactive protein in the diet lead to chronic inflammation. A licensed on call doctor Dubai claims that this inflammation also causes infections to spread throughout the body, resulting in autoimmune illness, an attacking agent.

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The Relation of Diet with Inflammation

Most of the time, we choose the food item without considering the correct nutrients or potential poisons it may have. Here are some excellent insights into the highly influential substances we consume generally and those emerging as critical contributors to inflammation in our bodies to prevent this from occurring.

1. Refined Carbohydrates Aren’t Beneficial At All

In the twenty-first century, refined carbohydrates have become a crucial component of our diet. Refined carbs are present in foods like white bread, rice, flour, instant mashed potatoes, French fries, and crackers, which progressively harm our health. These carbs and inflammation are also grave risk factors for obesity and other severe chronic diseases like kidney problems and high blood pressure.

2. Processed Meat Isn’t Healthy at All

We love eating processed beef very much. It is a harmful food item that has been fermented, salted, cured, and smoked to make it taste good and extend its shelf life by adding incredibly toxic preservatives. They are cumbersome in saturated fats; after eating them, the body becomes inflamed.

3. Sugar Is a Killer

How frequently have you consumed sugar with meals or drinks? You must now be wondering what comes. Next, I bet. To mention a few, foods high in sugar include desserts, ice cream, sodas, energy drinks, fruit juices, chocolate bars, etc. Furthermore, sugar plays a significant role in releasing inflammatory messengers known as “cytokines.”

4. Vegetables and Other Seed Oils

Vegetable oil and other seed oils have seen exponential growth over time, and their use has increased demand for numerous products in some of the world’s largest economies. Inflammation is encouraged by soybean oil, a vegetable oil that is overly used in many items. It contains many omega-6 fatty acids, which are another factor in the body’s inflammatory response and cause heartburn.

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5. Trans Fats Is Destructive

The detrimental effects of trans fats on the body are known to food producers worldwide, who produce it and include it in our food despite knowing better. Hydrogen is first added to modify the texture of the fat and create trans fats. There are no acceptable levels of trans fats in food, according to studies, and even a small portion can be harmful to our health and lead to inflammation in the body. Moreover, a Doctor on call Dubai also recommends avoiding a diet high in trans fats.

6. Gluten and Casein Cause Long-term Effects

Casein and gluten have a significant role in the body’s inflammatory response. Gluten-rich foods, including rye, barley, and wheat, as well as dairy products with high Casein content, inflame the body. In addition to being hazardous for people with joint conditions, gluten and casein are also bad for the body’s small intestine. Therefore, medical professionals strongly advise the majority of gluten-free diets.

What Are the Remedies for Inflammation?

The best course of action, according to an on call doctor Dubai, is to begin treatment as soon as possible to avoid regret later on. We might incorporate several alternatives into our diets to eliminate inflammatory substances. Here are some actions to take:

• A diet high in fiber offers protection from inflammation. Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which lower inflammatory processes and strengthen the immune system, are created by the bacteria in our bellies through fiber metabolism.

• A diet high in protein from plants is quite beneficial.

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• Today, IV therapy at home is another fantastic option because it contains minerals like magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, and b that aid in quicker healing.

• Including Omega-3s in your diet will change the game significantly.

• Several health problems can be naturally treated using fruits and vegetables.

The Final Words

Numerous disorders are caused by inflammation, making our bodies more susceptible to various illnesses. However, the main goal of this guide is to arm you with precise information about what must be immediately eliminated to have a happy and healthy life. It also demonstrates the adjustments that must be made for a healthy life.


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