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A Guide to 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in India

Have you completed your 200 & 300 hour yoga teacher training course? Still, want to explore more about yoga? Then enroll yourself in a 500 hour Yoga teacher training program. The 500 RYT course is an advanced-level course designed for people passionate about yoga. It helps you reach the pinnacles in the teaching and learning of yoga. All in all, it is the best way to earn mastery in the practices of yoga.

Before going any further, let us throw some light on what 500 hour Yoga teacher training course is.

What is a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course?

500 hour Yoga teacher training is for those who have completed their introductory and intermediate level of yoga teacher training. It is a 60 days training program that provides advanced knowledge of yoga anatomy, philosophy, physiology, alignment, etc.

If you are interested, enroll yourself in the 500 hour RYT program. However, make sure you are eligible for it. To check, let us look at the eligibility criteria for a 500 hour yoga teacher training course.

Eligibility Criterion for 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This program is not for beginners. Therefore, to join this advanced-level course, it is necessary to at least have a certification in a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. You can never achieve the milestone by skipping the steps of the ladder!

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Apart from that, teachers practicing meditation can also join this course to enhance their knowledge of yoga. It is expected of the students to attend the classes for two months without any miss.

There should be a willful desire to learn yoga and dedication to dig deeper into it because without will you can not excel in anything.

Now it’s time to shift your attention towards the syllabus of the 500 hour yoga teacher training program.

Detailed Syllabus of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in India

The detailed 500 Hour Yoga teacher training syllabus is mentioned below:

1. Yoga Philosophy

It includes:

  • Introduction to yoga philosophy
  • Origin and different paths of yoga
  • Hatha Kosha
  • Pancha Kosha
  • Introduction to Yoga Sutra
  • Orientation of Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Upanishads
  • Gheranda Samhita

2. Pranayama

Pranayama word refers to the extension of life force.

It includes:

  • Introduction to Pranayama
  • Chandra Bheda
  • Surya Bhedi
  • Bhramari
  • Shitali
  • Nadi Shodhna
  • Yogic, Abdominal, Natural, Thoracic, and Clavicular Breathing
  • Kapalbhati

3. Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

It includes:

  • Skeletal and Muscular System
  • Introduction to Joints, Range of Motion, and Postural Imbalances
  • Physiology of Yoga Asanas, Stretching and Breathing
  • Introduction and Preventive Measures for Common Yoga Injuries
  • Understanding of Central Nervous System and Endocrine System
  • Digestive System of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Respiratory and Cardiovascular System
  • Physiology of Pranayama and Meditation

4. Meditation

It includes:

  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Soham, Kundalini, Osho, and Chakra Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Tratak Meditation
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Inner Light Meditation
  • Nad Brahma Meditation

5. Mantra Recitation

It includes:

  • Ganesha Mantra
  • Guru Mantra
  • Shakti Mantra
  • Shanti Mantra
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Mangalacharan Mantra
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6. Asanas

It includes:

  • Back Bend Postures
  • Forward Bend Postures
  • Inverted Postures
  • Dynamic Postures
  • Breathing and Relaxation Postures
  • Meditative Postures
  • Balancing Postures
  • Twisting Postures

7. Mudra Practice

It Includes:

  • Concepts of mudra
  • Chin Mudra
  • Yoni Mudra
  • Janana Mudra
  • Ling Mudra
  • Yoga Mudra
  • Ashwani Mudra
  • Hridya Mudra

8. Shatkarmas

It Includes:

  • Shatkarma
  • Neti
  • Basti
  • Dhauti
  • Nauli
  • Tratak
  • Kapalbhati

9. Practicum

It includes:

  • How to practice teaching?
  • How to give and receive feedback?
  • Ways to teach and observe
  • Sun and Moon Salutations
  • Static and Dynamic asanas
  • Cultural asanas series
  • Standing Postures
  • Balancing Postures
  • Core practices of asanas
  • Supine Postures

Wrap Up

To conclude, 500 hour yoga teacher training in India is for you if you want to masters all the trades of yoga and is looking forward to building a career in yoga.

It blends traditional yoga with a modern approach and helps you to nourish your soul while performing various yoga postures and techniques in the natural environment.

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