Sales, sales and more sales. Usually, when you find topics and content about Private Security on social networks or blogs, it is the classic hook to sell you THE SAME ALWAYS , but no! This time we will explain what are the 5 benefits of hiring an external private security service, professional and specialized companies. AVOID PROBLEMS AND SAVE UNNECESSARY EXPENSES!

A security element hired internally, regularly is someone who has worked and has “enough experience” to carry out his work in a certain company, but … The risks and security company nottingham of today is not the same as yesterday , right? The big issue with this type of guards is that their training is limited and they are not updated (in most cases) for the new challenges of day to day.

The big difference is that when you go to a Professional Company , its elements are constantly trained to know how to act in the face of new dangers and criminal methods, in addition to that, depending on the level of the company, it will provide special training to the type of Company. / Service that you provide.

A guard who works protecting offices is not the same as a security element that operates in the industrial sector, more than clear!

This point goes hand in hand with what has already been mentioned and is quite important. Each company has a unique way of operating , and although there are others that work within the same line of business, the processes, methods of action, distribution of areas, equipment, machinery, schedules and much more are completely different. A security guard will not be functional for your company if it requires exact experience in your business and knowledge in different disciplines and / or functions, with some specific training such as the use of certain technology or equipment, risk control, loss prevention, etc. . specialties that, due to their high cost, are usually not very accessible for people who work independently. Therefore, security agencies are your perfect allies Because they are an all-inclusive and personalized, fair and according to your needs .

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Of course, you can also hire your guards internally and it will be as easy and simple as: conducting an exhaustive search for various interviews, preparing tests and trustworthy filters, investing in uniforms and special security equipment, specific training and much more … Now, can you imagine the TOTAL INITIAL AMOUNT of your investment (time and money) for each security element?

The technology within the security of the companies is something fundamental, because they help to optimize the work together (company and guards), to reduce losses and have an exact control of everything that happens with respect to your areas to be protected .

That classic Nokia with basic functions such as calls and messages, nowadays it would not be functional for you to raise a record of evidence of an incident, locate spaces via GPS in real time or issue an instant emergency alarm in the event of a risk situation, and precisely The same thing happens with technology in general, it is essential for EVERYONE to evolve and adapt to new needs , and hire a team to safeguard your goods and personnel, which provides you with greater coverage and scope with the use of the latest generation devices. they will always be the best option.

4.- 24/7/365 SURVEILLANCE
“I require so many security elements that work from Monday to Sunday, with shifts of 12, 18 and / or 24 hours, full coverage 365 days, and if for some internal and / or external cause a guard cannot attend, what other element can cover it and thus have the complete team all the time ” .

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Most of us need this! And you will find such requirements exclusively with a good security ally, an agency of security guards that has the capacity in a personal matter and adequate profiles to comply with each stipulated point. There’s no more.

Registration and withdrawal processes in the company and insurance, coverage of overtime, disability, holidays, distribution of profits, vacations, Christmas bonus, savings fund, renovation of uniforms, updating of equipment and weapons, multidisciplinary constant training, etc.

This is EVERYTHING you need to know and know about what you and your company are saving by hiring Specialized Experts in Private Security . No more complex procedures and procedures with each element, let the experts take care of and manage the security of your company for you, with total confidence and professionalism.

Now that you know the 5 benefits of hiring an external private security service, REMEMBER that your investment in security is extremely important and deserves a lot of your attention, and therefore you should inform yourself and analyze before hiring, since in Mexico more than 40 % of security companies work informally , and with the high levels of insecurity and the main problems that companies face , do not leave your assets in the hands of duckling companies and take care of yourself.

Leave us your comments! We want to know more about your experience when hiring a service externally and internally . Who do you trust?

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