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3 Things You Should Know When Your Children Start High School

When your children are small babies, it is so hard to imagine the time when you are packing them off for their first day at high school, but as you will be currently experiencing (or else are preparing for), time certainly goes fast when it comes to your children growing up.

So, in an attempt to assist you with this process, continue reading to discover three things you should know when your children start high school.

1.    Don’t Ban Cell Phones

Even though you may well understandably have more than a few reservations regarding the use of a cell phone, especially if your child’s hand seems to be permanently glued to their device, they will certainly need one when they start high school.

Teachers at the school will ensure that their students are not using their phones in class, but for safety’s sake, always making sure that your children have their cell phone on them, fully charged, when they leave for school is important. A cell is even more crucial if your children use public transport to travel to and from the school gates. You could even consider installing a tracking application, so you know where they are at all times, though this should be carefully considered against their need for independence.

2.    Empower & Educate Around Their Own Physical & Emotional Health

Unfortunately, regardless of whether you are sending your children to an exclusive private school, or else enrolling them in the nearest local school in your area, bullying is a predominant and common occurrence in any school.

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It is, therefore, vital that you have an open and honest line of communication between you and your child ahead of them commencing their high school education and that they know they can confide in you should they be experiencing issues with their emotional health.

When it comes to their physical health and wellbeing, it is advisable to find out whether your child has a food allergy, or indeed other allergy, before they start their journey to independence at high school. This way, you could prevent a serious allergic reaction later on down the line.

3.    Make Friends with Other Parents

The third piece of advice for preparing for your child or children to start high school is to get to know the other parents who you will be seeing, possibly for four years or more, every single day at the school gates, or else at least at parent’s evenings.

It may well be the case that you are already ahead of the game, especially if your child has close friends from their previous school who they share classes with at high school, but either way forming a network of protection around your child can only be a good thing.

This way, if you are ever concerned that your child is, for example, not where they say they are at any given time, you will be able to call round other parents and find out the situation quickly.

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