Learning analytics

What is learning analytics all about? An insight into various verticals of this concept


The discipline of learning analytics is actually at the juvenile stage of its development. In simple terms, learning analytics is about bringing improvement in the learning standards by leveraging the power of data. Learning analytics also involves a paradigm shift in the learning pedagogy by making it possible to analyse the understanding of students in a holistic way.

Relation between learning analytics and data analytics

There is a direct relationship between learning analytics and data analytics. Learning analytics utilizes the power of data analytics to add a new dimension to the pedagogy of learning methods. It helps the students to use various methodologies, tools and techniques to comprehend the meaning behind large data sets. The power of learning analytics is also utilized by different institutes who teach data analyst courses in Delhi, Bangalore and other metropolitan cities of the country. With the help of learning analytics, teachers are able to add new dimensions to teaching methodologies and the retention power of students is also enhanced. Different visualization techniques are also used in learning analytics.

The paradigm of learning analytics

Learning analytics involves numerous methods like drafting concrete strategies based on data analytics that can capture different learning methods. Learning analytics is a discipline that makes use of the power of data to reflect on minute enhancements that can be made in the overall process of learning. In simple terms, learning analytics can help at the primary level, secondary level and even at the tertiary level of education.

It is a novel methodology for enhancing the understanding of students in a wide range of subjects. It is with the help of learning analytics that advanced technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning can be employed in the process of learning aids. We can divide learning analytics into two main types, the first being the analysis of learning methodologies with the help of structured data and another being the analysis of learning methodologies with the help of unstructured data. In most of the cases, we convert unstructured data into structured data before it is processed for further analysis.

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Benefits of learning analytics

There are a large number of benefits associated with learning analytics.

  • The first important benefit of learning analytics is that it improves the integration of the educational system at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. In addition to this, it also improves the institutional connection with each other. This culminates into a unified system of educational structure that offers a wide range of courses as well as the flexibility to migrate from one institution to another without affecting the course of study.
  • The second important benefit of learning analytics is that it allows the understanding of different subjects with the help of computational studies. This means that the power of computational science as well as Natural Language Processing can be employed in enhancing the understanding of students. Learning analytics is extremely important for shifting the focus of education from theoretical domain to the practical domain. This means that learning analytics acts as a bridge between the academic structure as well as the industrial structure. For instance, learning analytics is extremely important for students to make a career in Big Data Analytics and business intelligence.
  • The third important benefit of learning analytics is that it improves the research and development prospects of students in the long run. Students are taught to develop research orientation at an early stage in their career. With the help of learning analytics, it is also possible to develop an understanding of different research prospects and methodologies.

Role of visualization in learning analytics

Visualization plays a very important role when it comes to learning analytics. Needless to mention, visualization techniques are extremely important when it comes to providing students with lucid reports. Such kinds of lucid reports are very important for providing learners with a platform that allows holistic understanding of particular projects. Visualization reports are also extremely crucial for immersive understanding of concepts that are difficult to understand in a theoretical manner.

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Visualization comes with a large number of benefits which we briefly describe here.

  • Firstly, it helps in identification of learners who are underperforming in their studies. Their performance can be assisted with the help of weekly development and analytics reports.
  • The second important benefit is that learning analytics helps in training the students in practical aspects because the learning aids and visualization technology employed by it helps learners in retention of the concepts for a long period of time.
  • The third important benefit of visualization is that it reviews the performance of students on a day-to-day basis. It also provides a virtual discussion platform to the learners so that they share their own experience and engage in debates and discussion. This also improves the participation of students in cross-cultural activities and enhances their exposure to different academic patterns.
  • Another important benefit of visualization in learning analytics is that it supports the platform that provides numerous methods of evaluation of students. This decreases the burden of students as they can exhibit different skills with the help of cafeteria approach of evaluation.
  • In addition to this, visualization also helps in learning analytics because it provides a virtual platform for forming a Choice Based Credit System.

A win-win situation for both students and faculty members

Learning analytics is a win-win situation for both students and faculty members. It helps the students in enhancing their understanding of different subjects and prepares them for a prospective career in different disciplines. For the faculty members, learning analytics allows them to comprehend a topic in greater detail and explore its various dimensions.

Greater research in the subject allows the faculty members to communicate and interact with the students with the help of state-of-the-art visualization techniques. Learning analytics also helps the faculty members to draw different comparisons between students and evaluate their performance on various parameters. This not only benefits the overall academic system but also boosts the confidence of various stakeholders that are part of the process of learning analytics.

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Course design

Learning analytics is extremely crucial for designing different courses and giving a new orientation to the pedagogical structure and the academic framework. Different types of subjects can be incorporated at different levels of education. We can also design a course by taking the interest of various stakeholders into consideration that include teachers, students and parents.

Culture specific and language specific courses can also be designed with help of learning analytics. The main benefit of learning analytics in the domain of course design is that it helps incorporate different modules and courses as well as different electives that can later be altered as per the choice of students. Learning analytics helps in hierarchical arrangement of subjects based on the choice of a large section of students and this is what acts as a guiding thesis for course design.

The way ahead

Learning analytics is going to be the future of the educational system in India as well as the rest of the world. Students around the globe as well as the faculty numbers need a very personalized system of education that can suit their needs as well as the demands of the time. Learning management systems, 3D technology, virtual reality, merged reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data analytics and the like are some of the prosperous technologies that will command the future of learning analytics. Smart data collection technology as well as focused intervention will drive innovation among the students in the long run.

School’s infrastructure

Cafeteria tables are an essential component of a school’s infrastructure, providing students with a safe and welcoming space in which to socialize safely while also serving as platforms for character-building and educational activities.

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