How to Arrange a Room with Bay Windows

Bay windows are such a splendid feature if you are lucky enough to have them in your home. They let more light enter the room and can add to the potential of your latest home design project. We provide some ideas on how to arrange a room with bay windows.

Using the Curve

Bay windows lend themselves to being the main focus of the room. They draw the eyes so you should make the most of the windows and immediate area when designing the lounge. This curved space inspires a yen for comfortable, curved armchairs to create a seating arrangement. Curved poles to hang curtains to the floor delineate the window and highlight its curvature. Get a custom-made curved sofa for the spot directly by the bay window.

Window Seat

One of the most popular ways to use the outward-curving area of a bay window is a window seat. This can be upholstered for appearance and comfort. You can match the curtains to throw cushions. This goes well with classic Victorian décor. You will be creating extra seating space by making use of this space. This area is also usually filled with light so it provides a nice ambience for reading or simply looking out into the garden.


There are many ways to use shutters for a bay window, just as there are many styles of shutters to choose from. Shutters have a clean, streamlined appearance that can add a touch of class to any room.

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Shutters allow you to determine how much light you want coming in from your bay window. You can also control your privacy and fully exclude neighbours or passers-by seeing inside. Alternatively, you can permit maximum lighting and enjoy the view of your garden outside.

Each bay window is unique and needs to be considered with its surroundings. It is best to call in an expert shutter fitting company such as ShuttersUp to measure the window accurately and match your shutters to the rest of your décor. Shutters come in a variety of wood and other materials that can be painted, varnished, or left natural.

French Doors

If your bay window has French doors leading out of the dwelling, you will have to leave the area by the bay window empty to avoid anyone falling over objects in their line of exit. You can still arrange your furniture in fairly close proximity to the bay window as long as you have left walking space. Make the bay windows dramatic with a bright choice of curtains on either side, leaving the main view unobstructed. Carry this colour scheme into the décor for the rest of the room. You can install a breakfast table and chairs where they will catch the early morning sun.

Leopard Print

One brave homeowner, despite being warned by her friends, once chose sophisticated leopard print curtains on the sidesof her bay window. By placing a yellow two-seater between the curtains, she carried the colour and warm tones into the room. This was further enhanced by wooden tables and copper light fittings. A mustard sofa blended in well with the golden-hued walls.

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Use these suggestions or try out your own ideas to maximise the beauty of bay windows in the home.

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