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Why should you use a load board

Load boards have been used for decades to connect businesses that need to move freight with companies that have the facilities, expertise, and vehicles to move the freight. What made load boards popular, though, was the way they took away the time and costs associated with finding a freight carrier. As these issues have grown more difficult to solve, loads boards have become increasingly popular.

Here are the top reasons to use a load board


It can be a very cost-effective way to move freight. Load boards save you money on both sides of the equation. First, carriers save money by not having to staff their own load centers and transfer offices or pay third-party companies to perform these services. They can also find more loads with a load board than they could do on their own because they have access to thousands of loads in just one place. As loads are won by carriers bidding on them, they can help keep transport costs down.

Quick to find work

It is a great way to get unique opportunities that you can’t find anywhere else. Load boards give your company access to shipping work that is only available through companies such as Shiply. You can take advantage of unique situations that you might not be able to find through other avenues, such as last-minute opportunities.

Reduce empty journeys

Reduce the number of empty journeys a vehicle makes, as truckers can search for loads to fill return journeys.

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Low-cost or free sign up

Finding new clients can be a costly activity. Load boards offer either a low-cost or free sign-up so that you can search listings of available loads that need the delivery.

Easy to use

Load boards are a lot more convenient for both carriers and shippers, as they provide an easy, fast way to move freight. They make it easier for business owners to find available loads, and freight carriers can perform the work without having to employ staff.

Grow your business

If you want to grow your business and become a large freight carrier, then you need to contact as many possible customers. Load boards make it easy for you to talk to companies in your area that are looking for transport services.

Better productivity

You can become more productive and efficient, as you will be able to find more transportation opportunities with load boards. You will be able to make the most of your vehicle fleet.

Less legwork, more driving

Load boards automatically post all the jobs available for freight carriers on them. You won’t have to spend time looking for a job or calling around any transport brokers; everything is done online from the comfort of your truck cab or office chair.

Load boards have been used for decades as a way to help transport businesses and carriers find each other. While the articles on this list show why you should use load boards, using one will also help you keep your business profitable by allowing you to find more work.

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