Which App Is #1 In The List Of Best Android Spy Apps?

Reaching the number one spot is not a miracle, in fact consistently maintaining that position is the real deal. Many winners lose their position just after touching the first spot as they don’t have consistency. 

The winning streak needs continuous evolution and improvement. It applies both to human society and modern tools and technology. In terms of spy apps and monitoring software, the competition is fierce as more and more new tools and spy apps are getting introduced in the market with improved plans and exciting bundle offers. 

The awareness about these gadgets and the increased usage among all sorts of people is another reason for the competitive market. After the pandemic, the corporate sector needed something to hold on to keep an eye on the employees working remotely. 

The increased popularity of smart gadgets and the internet among kids and grown-ups make the spy app a much-needed thing for today’s parents as well. In short, the supply and demand chain keeps pushing the market to show up the next version of the best deals. 

The list of best android spy apps is huge. The criteria though depend on your standards and choice of features. There are all sorts of paid apps and free apps. 

Then comes the one with only basic features and others with advanced features. Some offer free service or a free trial period others are pocket friendly with excellent services. Here is the list of some of the best android spy apps


In the list of the best android spy apps copy is one of the best apps. The app offers cross-compatible services to its users. The app offers stealth mode so the target remains unaware of the monitoring thing. The app can be used to keep up with the call records. Text log, location and movement and internet browsing history monitoring. 

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uMobix is another app that can be used especially for social media monitoring like Facebook and Instagram. More interesting features offered by the app include Youtube monitoring,  android activity tracking of the target person and more. 


Hover watch comes at number three in the list of the best android spy apps. The apps is best for monitoring usual things like location, call log entries, text and internet browsing activities. It also offers social media and instant messenger chat apps monitoring features for WhatsApp, Snapchat and Viber etc.

Mobile spy.at

In case you are looking for an app that offers a free trial version this one is for you. The app allows free demos of more than 40 features to the users. You can check and then get the app if you are satisfied with the services. 

The app offers versatile features to keep an eye on the target person. The app offers a complete and comprehensive package to monitor the target person in detail through the android gadget. 

TheOneSpy App:

On number 1 of the best android spy apps comes the TheOneSpy app. The app is best because it is a complete package for all types of users. For example for people who are looking for an economical app that does cost them a fortune this is the one. 

Similarly, for people who are not that good with smart apps or want something easy and with a friendly user interface this one is for you. 

The major users of the app are parents and employers as the parental control and employee monitoring features offered by the TheOneSpy spy app are excellent. You can use the app for their purpose if and only if you have written consent from the involved parties. 

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The TheOneSpy spy app can be used for personal purposes as well. For example, you can simply install the app on your android and can use it to assure the safety of the gadget. 

Location tracking, Geo-fencing, Call log and Call recording, text log, Camera and mic bug,  social media and instant messenger chat app monitoring, screen recording, password cracker, remote access to the photo gallery and keystroke logging are just a few of the features offered by the TheOneSpy app. 

The app even offers customer support care and allows the user to remotely renew the license of the app if they want.  

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