3 Web Design Factors for Businesses to Increase their Interaction with the Visitors

Businesses go to any length to make their product or services familiar to their target market. You must have come across very innovative and unique marketing strategies so that you get immersed in them. Some of them use popular games, TV Series, or movies to market their products. ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the popular games and that is why it is used by a number of websites that use storytelling to get the attention of their visitors.

Businesses can use and mention some unorthodox and offbeat ways to make this happen. For example, the use of an ark server to make people go for this game and buy that server is one way to do this. But for businesses marketing consumer electronics and products for daily use may need to buckle up and think of strategies related to design.

Please go through this blog as I discuss some offbeat factors that can be very important for the success of any e-commerce venture or shopping portal.

  1. Think Like your Audience  

This is how you need to start your project as your website must reflect what your audience would like to see. Your personal preferences are not important because a website must be able to connect with its visitors according to their wishes. We all browse through our website in anticipation that it will offer the US the information we are looking for. And when it comes to online shopping, differences related to the price and model of our product are more important to us than anything.

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Businesses need to figure out how to make their design work to meet those requirements. How can you make your navigation easy so that even a first-time visitor can easily go through it? Sometimes the exemplary design may not be able to get you the perfect result as you may not be able to connect with your audience.

The amount of content you need to put in to make a web design look amazing is also another factor most businesses tend to ignore. Just putting high-definition images and videos is not everything. That is why brainstorming about this aspect and how you can reach out to your audience for optimum effect is the way to go.

  1. E-Commerce Techniques that’ll Work For you

There are numerous e-commerce strategies that you can come up with but again you need to be on the same page as your audience. Marketing a product in a cutthroat marketplace is not an average job to pull off. Bacon with many aspects related to design backend programming and databases that need to be perfected. But amongst all the aspects that you must take care of keeping up with the marketing trends is one good bet.

The current prevailing trends in the market are dynamic, that is they will keep on changing after every few days. You won’t find many trends that are liked by everyone in the industry for several years. This is also related to human psychology as we need it and like new thanks and want to experiment with them. Even if a strategy is working for us for a long time, most of us would like to try out something new that is a hot trend and everyone else is trying it out.

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If your target is to get International customers, your approach should be different as against getting the local customers interested in your product. Everything from the theme and layout of the website to the find at the checkout screen should have a global flavor so that your target audience would connect with them. There is no one-size-fits-all formula as you have to customize your website according to your prospective customers.

  1. Clever Use of CTAs to Attract the Visitors 

After about two to three percent of your online visitors will buy products from your website. And as far as the other 97-98% are concerned, you need to make them act upon positively. Most of the shoppers on shopping portals can be included as impulsive buyers. They like to fill out their shopping cart or leave the items in their wish list but do not buy anything and leave it for the future. That is where you have to get their intention by applying smart CTAs (call to action) that will work in your favor.

The items in the wish list of the shopping cart of your visitors may remain in that place for several weeks or months until you decide to act smartly. You have to be proactive in knowing about the type of visitors on your website so that you can grow a sense of urgency and scarcity about the products. Most of the visitors know that the product they have just checked out will be available for them even after a few months. But if they suddenly realize that the price will increase for the exact model they are looking for and will no longer be available, then they will rethink, and we’ll try to buy it.

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Countdown timer all any display that will shoot up the sense of urgency will be quite handy in these situations. For example, you can make a CTA button mentioning “Just a Few Hours Left in the Sale” or “Only 10 Items Left” to make your visitors rethink the product at least once. Surely not all of them will buy the product after seeing that message, but the serious buyers will act upon the CTAs if they are well written and aptly placed on the website.

Final Word 

Commerce websites and shopping portals need to drive more traffic and engage the audience. The design of the website must be impeccable but if it can take care of the above-mentioned aspects then the impact will be more. The brand value and credibility of a website need to be on display so that a proper design is needed. You just have three to five seconds to impress a visitor and that is why a taut strategy in terms of design is required.

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to share your experience with other readers, you are more than welcome to speak up. And if you have any queries in your mind or just want to offer your feedback, please use the comments section below.

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