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What Top Tier Talent Is Looking for in a Job/Career

There are certain things that many people say are more important than just the wages or financial remuneration that you get for working. Here is a brief discussion as to what the top-tier employees are looking for in or from their job or career.


Money or remuneration is stillone of the main reasons that we all have to work. We need money to live and the one way to get it is to go to work or to work remotely, as is the newest trend. The best employees are looking to ensure that their skills and experience are rewarded appropriately and, as such, the money that they are paid is a reason that they will stay with your organization. You need to ensure that you are paying wages that are comparable to or better than those paid by your competitors, especially if you want to keep the top talent that you have.


The ability to have time to spend and enjoy the money that you make is an essential requirement for all employees. It’s about being able to create a work-life balance that they enjoy. Even those who make huge money have noted that the time that they have for themselves is the main reason they work. You need to ensure that your hardest workers can use TOIL (time off in lieu)for extra time worked (as agreed by management), as well as having sufficient breaks and holiday time off during the year. It’s a way to ensure that they come back refreshed and ready to perform again.

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Having a set reward program or system, such as the highly rated and bespoke systems of reward offered by InComm Incentives Solutions, is a great way to go. It’s a means of offering employees rewards for working hard, as well as setting the kind of standards that you require, performance above which will warrant some kind of thanks or rewards. An external company that has experience in this field is the best way to go or having a sufficiently sized andskilled HR team to instituteemployee rewards programs. It’s what all the top talent expects.

Change and Development

Yes, we all want a long-lasting career that can be practiced for our entire working life. Stability and continuityare what the top talent wants and what will make them choose your job above any others. However, you need to ensure that the role is not monotonous and that there is sufficient change and development intrinsic to the role. Employees should be allowed to study and develop into the role.This will make the role theirs and ensure that the skills they have remain cutting edge and current.

These are the things that the top employees are looking for – the things without which they would be hard-pressed to choose a role or job. The top advice is to ensure that any advertising of roles and jobs should include these aspects to create a demand for the role among those that you would want to employ.It’s also a means to retain the top talent once you have them in the organization.


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