What makes Blue World City the best place to live?

Blue World City Islamabad is a perfect place if you’re searching for an affordable home, apartment, or villa. One of the most efficient and economical residential developments in this community. Thanks to its numerous advantages, it is a beautiful area to reside in this community.

Exceptional Project Plan


This community’s grand plan is for the builders to present this venture to give a clear image of the community and how it will evolve. They form an impromptu opinion on the community and discuss its characteristics in the planning process.

The community master plan offers a wide range of site types, including domestic, industrial, commercial centre, farm home, luxurious, and Awami villas, as well as many other options for potential buyers who want to buy or live there.

Society Position


The Rawalpindi Ring Route and Chakri junction are close to this community, situated at the Chakri Junction. Thanks to these exchanges, individuals will have quick and easy access to every area in Islamabad.

Play zone

There are a lot of playgrounds and gardens within this community. Children’s outdoor adventure is also available.

Public transportation

A bus station directly adjacent to this community makes it simple to get to work and travel around the metropolis. Additionally, the community is close to the Rawalpindi Main Highway’s construction site, which will offer easy accessibility to the Islamabad Expressway and the Kashmir Expressway.

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Commercial Area With a Good Location

Places like the M.T. Khan Bazaar, Kohsar Market, and Serena Shopping Center are close to this housing scheme.  Furthermore, there are a diversity of fast-food cafeterias lined up in this district. Moreover, it is in a favorable location among DHA Phases 1 and 2.

Reasonable Costs

Moreover, it offers the most cost-effective home developments in this community. Because of this, it is perfect for middle and lower individuals wishing to invest in an inexpensive residential community in Islamabad.

Top-Notch Amenities

A grand central, masjid, and business district are amenities in this community.  The renowned developers, who operate the gymnasium and sports teams in Blue World Area, offer these amenities to the general public at reasonable prices. Additionally, a different school on the property will provide higher education, making it an ideal spot for families to live.

Closeness to Major Areas

The Chakri Junction and the Rawalpindi Main Highway are just a short distance from this residential community. Moreover, this guarantees that you may reach any area of Islamabad quickly.

Construction and Design

The design and structure of Blue World City are distinctive to its residents since they combine Chinese infrastructure. This community expansion period’s distinctiveness lies in how Chinese modernist design influenced architectural and historical trends.

The first building plan in Pakistan is called Blue World City, and capable Chinese architects and developers are leading it. The building of this venture aims to become first-rate and exceptional, given that the Chinese are skilled and knowledgeable in developing cutting-edge real estate projects across the globe.

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Rapid Expansion

The project is progressing quickly, with more than 100 different pieces of equipment installed daily and evening. Elevated buildings are constructing on Center Boulevard, and the current societal opulent main gate is developing.

In addition, the society ensures that street lighting on the Chakri Road entry avenue is complete. Furthermore, a vital planning milestone, the company had power cables before anyone else. In a similar vein, excavation and road construction will shortly follow.

Diversified Neighbourhood

The sole housing project in the neighborhood is Blue World City. However, thanks to our effort, people will have the option to stay in a new community. It is only logical to suppose that since the initiative is a defined location for Chinese members of society, it draws people of various nationalities, races, and civilizations around.

Higher Percentages of Revenue

In prior decades, the value of real estate in Pakistan, particularly in Islamabad and the surrounding area, has soared significantly. A housing insurance specialist might reasonably conclude that investment in this residential company as a business ensures substantial profit ratios. It is a chance that may be to be lucrative and flourish, especially during times of economic hardship.

Protected Community

Security and protection are among the numerous factors that individuals look for in a residential complex, which is why housing projects have become very in recent years. Therefore, one of the country’s quickest real estate trends is the construction of guarded and exciting entrances. It also features a magnificent entryway with a guarded gate, many surveillance workers, and active cameras around the clock.


After considering these various critical factors, we can conclude that this residential community is one of the select few home developments in the twin cities that has the potential to develop into a premier housing district.

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This residential community is the closest housing society to Islamabad Airport, giving it a significant edge over the other residential areas in the twin cities. It is also extremely close to Rawalpindi’s new Ring Highway.

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