image segmentation

What is image segmentation and what are the real-world applications?

Image segmentation is an essential technique when it comes to the development of computer vision and image processing technologies. The process concerns the simplification of images so that they are lucid enough for the training of computer vision and image processing tools. The use of computer vision in our daily lives is gradually reaching new heights and the implementation seems to be a success. A plethora of public services like law enforcement, traffic and identification decisions, health care, and diagnostic sectors are using computer vision and image processing in order to provide better and more accurate services.

Image segmentation is the most primitive and essential stage of image processing where an image is segmented into several image objects depending on their characteristics.

What is image segmentation? By example

For example, imagine an image of a fish in a bowl with clear water. In order to detect the fish, all the pixels that are responsible for imprinting the fish can be color-coded and separated from the rest of the image. This comparative separation is used by a program for learning to recognize that fish in any background setting.

Implementation of image segmentation in daily life.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is revolutionizing the concept of security and privacy. The technology is witnessing wide applications in a plethora of fields including perimeter security, Personal, and commercial safety. Facial recognition is also being used for the identification of criminals or rogue drivers alike.  In any bank and secure facilities, facial recognition is part of the biometric security systems.

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Prosecution of law breakers

Image processing in the case of traffic management is mostly utilized for the prosecution of rogue vehicles. Character recognition and feature extraction are being used with advanced facial recognition systems. These systems heavily rely on image segmentation. A rogue vehicle can be now spotted by high throughput cameras and motion sensors can detect the speed with ease. Then the management AI assigns a case or fine to the driver of the vehicle for inappropriate driving. This incorporation helps in reducing the manpower necessary for managing the traffic of a busy city saving human resources and money.

Medical imaging

Medical imaging is mainly focused on diagnostic studies. Pathology in this case can be depicted using image segmentation and a program or tool can learn from the same. In the case of metabolic and colorimetric studies, image processing is being heavily used for the development and detection of blots, confocal microscopy, and fluorescence detection.

Incorporation of automation in healthcare services the purpose of personalized therapy development and brings in the quotient of accuracy in day-to-day processes. In this sector alone, image processing is saving thousands if not millions of lives that are at risk of metabolic and histopathological conditions.

Image-based searches

Often, we tend to identify an object by some essential and unique features and not by the name. In these cases, people tend to search the image for matches and figure the name out with ease. These image-based search engines are not easy to train and require a lot of training data for optimization. Image segmentation is the primary option for the simplification of this data. Google is an image-based search engine that can help with the identification of images. For environmentalists and animal/plant scientists these search engines mean a lot. And helps them keep unnecessary information out of their heads.

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In production

Some manufacturers are extensively using image processing for the identification of faulty products. In addition to that, factories possessing large and long multicomponent conveyor belts can use the same for the identification of unacceptable products or ingredients at any point of the production.


Image processing is an active ingredient of life in 2022, life now is fast-paced, and losing time for mundane activities is unacceptable at all costs. Thus the role of automation now is the preservation of time by outsourcing and automating major but mundane tasks, so that human beings can get a life of ease and comfort.

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