What Are the Different Types of Handbags That Exist Today?

Women’s fashion is a thriving industry that is constantly pushing limits, boosting self-esteem, and helping people look and feel their absolute best.

Handbags are just a fraction of the fashion business, but still make up a global industry of about $48 billion today. Some of the best handbags ever created are available for sale today from many different labels and manufacturers.

Below we will explain some of the different types of handbags that you can explore as you shop around for some nice functional fashion pieces.

Tote Bags

These bags are larger, more square and rectangular shaped, and feature large, parallel handles. Totes are versatile and often come in a variety of luxury handbags.

They are incredibly versatile since you can hold your makeup one day and even slip in a few different grocery items during your shopping trips.

Shoulder Bags

This is another larger bag style that people appreciate with they want to add some flair to their wardrobe. Rather than having parallel handles, shoulder bags have one strap that is longer than the other. It is similar to a satchel or a messenger bag, and these bags are easier to handle and balance when you sling it over a single shoulder.

You will be less likely to deal with back and shoulder pain with these bags, even when you fill them up with several items.

Clutch Bags

Clutch bags are much different than the prior two. Rather than being large and holding a lot of items, clutch bags are small, flat, and hold only the essentials. They are like a large wallet that lets you keep your ID, credit cards, and tiny items that keep you at your best when you’re on the go.

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In many cases, clutch bags focus on style and personality, rather than carrying a lot of items. You’ll like how lightweight these bags are, and they are also compact enough for you to fit them into a backpack or a larger purse.

They come in a variety of selections that fit any wardrobe and are often made with materials like leather, nylon, mesh, and even hemp.

Hobo Bags

If you love casual appeal, hobo bags are where it’s at. These bags are large sacks that offer a bohemian or beach bum vibe. They can be made from mesh and a variety of different types of leather.

Regardless of what kind of bag you prefer, make sure to find the brand and label that speaks to your fashion sense.

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The Different Types of Handbags

Knowing the different types of handbags available will help you when you’re ready to fill your closet with some amazing accessories that are excellent for your style and personality.

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