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Transporting cargo with trucks remains the ideal transportation choice for most people, despite the changing trends in the transport and logistics industry. Trucks help move products from manufacturers to consumers hence, keeping the economy flowing. Unfortunately, trucking is synonymous to accidents in some quotas. Fortunately, you can contact truck accident lawyers in Bakersfield for professional representation to people living in California.

As per a study done by Policy Advice, truck accidents will be one of the top causes of deaths in the United States by 2030. Undoubtedly, people whose livelihoods depend on the trucking industry will never be dissuaded by accidents or any statistical data related to truck accidents. However, knowing the common risk factors of truck accidents and how to handle, and protect themselves when accidents occur is definitely a plus for them.

What Commonly Causes Truck Accidents?

The following are some of the common causes of road accidents:

Bad roads.

Inefficient Traffic Laws.

Careless Driving.

Unqualified Drivers.


However, the risk factors plaguing the trucking industry include:


Driving a truck is naturally a hard job, thanks to the pressure involved. Most truck drivers cover long distances without rest, breaking, or even sleeping. This will undoubtedly interfere with concentration, judgement, and coordination. The Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration provides the regulations for driving time.

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Lack of Concentration

Concentration on the road may be influenced by many reasons such as boredom, the surrounding environment, state of mind, and much more. However experienced one is, the probability of causing an accident increases if the driver’s mind is not on the current activity, driving.

Intoxicated Driving

Intoxicated driving is common with truckers, considering the long distances they have to cover in most cases. Most of those drugs act as stimulants, which keeps the body active and awake. One study stated that 30% of truckers confessed to have used stimulating drugs, while 20% confessed to have used marijuana, and 3% had been high on cocaine while driving. The drugs do not only keep truckers awake but they can also trigger poor judgement and careless overtaking, putting the driver and other road users in harm’s way. If you’re a victim of an accident caused by an intoxicated trucker, a truck accident lawyer in Bakersfield is always on standby to provide legal help.

Speeding and Careless Overtaking

Many times truckers are forced to make risky maneuvers to deliver cargo in time. Speeding and overtaking carelessly are some of the tactics they’ll end up using, risking their lives in the process.

Falling Cargo and Overloading

Cargo loading should be done with consideration to load size, weight, and distance to be covered vs truck the status of the truck to be used. However, human error and poor judgement can still interfere with the loading process. I’m sure you’ve witnessed cargo falling from a moving truck, woe unto you if you’ll be found walking or driving near the falling cargo.

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Common Injuries Caused by Truck Accident

Some body parts are more prone to injuries than other, and the following are some of the body parts with high risk of injury in the event of a truck accident:

Back and Neck

The back and neck are delicate, and that’s why they’re mostly injured when road accidents occur on impact. Additionally, Whiplash may occur due to sudden jerking of the head or neck. Symptoms may not manifest immediately but pain may be felt hours or a few days following the injury.

Spinal Cord

Spine injury may have permanent or short term effects. Your body may paralyze temporarily if the injury was not severe, but in more serious cases permanent paralysis might be unavoidable. The brain depends on the nervous system to relay impulse to the body, meaning that simple tasks such as standing may no longer be automatic.

Head / Brain Injury

Head injury might result in minor bruises, a concussion, or a severe brain injury which may cause brain damage if casualties are not treated immediately.

Amputated Limbs

In cases of severe injuries that damage certain body parts, amputating them would be the best course of action. After the procedure (amputation) require customized prosthetics to restore the normal functioning of the limbs.

Internal Organs

Accidents commonly cause injury to internal structures, though most victims are never aware of their state until the body begins reacting. When you experience an accident consult your physician immediately for internal and external assessment of the body.

Have You Been Involved In a Truck Accident?

For starters, seek medical help, then report the accident to traffic authorities within 24 hours before consulting an accident attorney. Be prepared to start receiving medical invoices, which may be costly. This is the best time to consult your accident lawyer for legal representation and compensation. A competent and experienced lawyer should work with you for the perfect outcome.

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