Travelling Around in Bratislava by A Bus

This tiny country is located in Central Europe and has a population of around five and a half million. It is a great vacation destination for budget travelers and for those who would like to explore outdoors of this pretty place called Bratislava. This is the cheapest place to travel compared to other European countries.

You will find cheap food, great transport, fun activities and top tourist points on a great budget. Here is a list of travel tips and facts about Bratislava that will guide you through out your visit.

If you are planning to experience the beauty of Bratislava then spring or the summer months are the best time, you should be there. In the winters the snow sports activity would be fun but it has its cons that all other activities are kept on hold because of the harsh climate during European winters.

You can travel by bus:

It’s the cheapest transport to get around and explore Bratislava. To travel short distances and in small towns in Bratislava, a bus is the best option you can consider. Buses are the only transport that can transport you to towns and villages where there is no connection with the railway.

To get all the information about buses and their timing on your phone, you will need the help of Nivy. For example, to find out about shopping places you have to type Bratislava Shopping Centre Nivy and you get a list of places and the deals that they have to offer. You can know about the events going on, bus timings, food and shopping spots in simple steps.

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You cannot expect to have a sober trip while travelling in Bratislava:

People in Bratislava enjoy drinking. When you have snacks with tea or coffee, they enjoy their shorts.So, make sure to be at Becherovka at 8 am and have some shorts to follow the style and tradition of Bratislava.

The toilets do not have a picture mark:

Mostly in other countries, there is a picture on the doors of the washroom that differentiate the washroom for men and women, but in Bratislava they do not follow any picture signs. There is Zena or Zeny written on the door for females or women, and Muzi or mez written for Male or Men. Make sure you learn this well as it will be the most useful tip for those travelling to this lovely destination.

English is not a common language used in Bratislava:

The ability to speak in English is mixed and hard to understand. It is not like in other countries, the young generation here finds it very hard to communicate in English. Even in popular tourist spots, you will have to mime what you want convey so that the local people will understand and react to it.

It is going to be fun to visit Bratislava and if you are planning to go this will help you to adjust and get around the place without any hassle.




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