Top Meditation Apps: What You Need to Know

The healthcare sector is evolving and with the help of emerging technologies, we are seeing a whole new age where intersectionality matters the most. Figures show us that there are over 350,000 apps related to medicine and fitness on App Store and Google Play Store.

An iPhone app development company is ready to build such apps from scratch. It is up to you how you decide to strategize around a meditation app.

Keep reading as we look at the most popular meditation apps. Take inspiration and move ahead with your own digital product.

Express Scripts

Express Scripts is considered one of the largest companies in the United States under the pharmacy bracket and considering how simple the organization has created a seamless network where patients could get their medicines through home delivery or through their nearest pharmacy without any hassle.

The Express Scripts app is designed with an easy UX/UI where customers can get in touch with pharmacists in case of any queries and can ask questions regarding a particular medication as well. The app makes it easy to keep a track of prescriptions and see what your order looks like.

Every other Android app development company recognizes how Express Scripts is designed specifically for user interests and every app should take inspiration.



Medisafe is recognized as a pioneer in the digital health market and once patients sign-up on the platform, we see companionship and instant support. Medisafe makes healthcare accessible for everyone through financial assistance programs and a cooperating support team.

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The app is extremely user-friendly and there are push notifications to remind users whenever they miss a pill or the reminders can be customized according to a particular schedule.

Medisafe has been ranked as the number one medication tracker by all stakeholders – patients, pharmacists, and physicians. Here are a few more highlights:

  • Over 70 symptom trackers for multiple conditions
  • Ability to invite friends, family, and other caretakers
  • Check progress over a calendar

Medisafe is carefully curated to help patients navigate in a seamless way. Take inspiration and see how your own app can progress along.



EveryDose is integrated with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform is much more distinctive and personalized. The idea is simple. To deliver health and happiness together in one singular dose. So far, EveryDose has helped with more than 30 million digital interventions and has saved patients from the headache that comes along with taking medications.

The process of taking medications is much more simpler and detailed with EveryDose. The EHR-integrated software helps the platform make sure that each patient is taking the right meds and that their schedule is being detailed properly.

The exclusive AI-powered assistant is perfect for patients whenever they are looking for a quick answer that feels human-centric and is to the point. Whenever you get in touch with an app developer in Houston or elsewhere, the expectation should be that AI would be an integral part of the app.

Sprout Care

Sprout Care is designed as a one-place destination where all kinds of healthcare needs could be facilitated. Keep a track of your medications, and medical records, and look at different kinds of medical plans. The platform has enabled millions of patients to get better insights with regard to their medications and long usage of the app has led to better health circumstances.

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Sprout Care helps with setting up a customized schedule and more than just medications, patients can look at other vitals such as blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, or any kind of flu.

Sprout Care also facilitates patients with the option of inviting their loved ones to join in and keep a track of their calendar. And the PDF report that is eventually generated through data given by the user can be extremely helpful when it comes to diagnosis.


CareClinic is designed to be an all-in-one interactive platform where patients could stay at the top with their medication intake and be physically and mentally sufficient as well. CareClinic has a wellness tracker that is integrated into all digital apps (Siri, Google Fit, Apple Health) and helps patients stay accountable.

CareClinic makes sure that all kind of patient data remains confidential and is passed through end-to-end encrypted points. And with help of AI and machine learning, all kinds of medical assessments are error and bug free.

Here is what the dashboard at CareClinic includes:

  • Reminders
  • Planning
  • Check-in
  • Reports

And later on, get insights through CareClinic, and with the instant exportable PDF – help your doctors figure out the rest all through one app.


Learn, take inspiration, and again – see how you could incorporate features and functions into your own app. You do not have to adapt every other feature you come across though. Try to figure out what would work with your particular audience and how your product would stand out from the rest.

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