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Tips for Cleaning Upholstery

This article will help you learn about upholstery cleaning Adelaide and the different types of cleaners that are available for this job.

Types of Sofa Cleaners

Cleaners for sofa come in three basic forms: dry-cleaning, wet foam or steam clean; with each having their own merit depending on your individual needs.

Dry Cleaning

Dry sofa cleaning is best suited to protect delicate materials like silk and chintz, while the other methods may cause damage. This method gives less impressive results than foam sofa cleaning but it is also safer for most materials. The biggest downside here is the lack of convenience; sofa cleaners usually require you to take the sofa to their facilities. You can rent a fabric cleaner from most hardware or grocery stores, but typically these cleaners are less effective than those used by sofa cleaning companies.

Wet Foam Cleaning

Wet sofa cleaning is best suited for upholstery that cannot be dry cleaned. This method comes in two forms: hot water extraction and cold water extraction. With hot water extraction, a wet foam is applied to the sofa with a machine before being sucked back out with a vacuum – similar to what is done when carpet cleaning. This process is fast and efficient, but not very gentle on your sofa’s threads as it is designed primarily for carpets which have a rougher face than fabrics used in sofa making. Cold wet sofa cleaning uses far less water and is better for sofa upholstery, but it can still be hard on sofa upholstery with its fast-vacuuming motion.

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Steam Cleaning

Steam sofa cleaning is the safest of all three methods and is most effective at removing dirt and bacteria that cannot be removed using dry sofa cleaning Perth or foam sofa cleaning. It consists of a machine which injects hot steam into the sofa before sucking out the moisture again. The benefit of this method is that you can feel confident in not damaging your sofa’s fabrics while getting rid of dust mites and their excrements, and also killing any mold spores present within your sofa. However, if there are stains you prefer to have treated by a specialist cleaner so as not to damage the sofa, you may wish to skip this method.

Tried and True Methods

Many sofa owners swear by dry sofa cleaning because it is less harsh on sofa upholstery, but this method comes with the trade off that it takes longer. The upside to foam sofa cleaning or steam sofa cleaning is that they are dead simple; simply spray the cleaner on and watch the dirt disappear – you don’t even need to lift a finger. Hot water extraction is better at treating dirty fabrics while staying gentle on delicate sofa upholstery, while cold water extraction can provide more thorough treatment of your sofa’s fabric without causing any damage. Also, sofa steam cleaners and sofa wet foam cleaners are both easy to operate so you can treat sofa upholstery without any hassle.

Another Common Method of Sofa Cleaning is using a Shampoo

This method should be reserved for hardier sofa fabrics such as cotton and linen. Unlike other sofa cleaning methods, there is little risk of damaging your sofa fabric since water doesn’t come into contact with the sofa’s face; however the process is slightly more time-consuming than treating your sofa with a dry or foam cleaner, but it will also cost less since you only need to purchase one set of supplies (shampoo and conditioner) instead of three (shampoo, conditioner and upholstery). The downside to this alternative method is that sofa upholstery treated with shampoo will not be as soft and smooth after sofa cleaning, so if your sofa’s fabric is more delicate you may wish to skip this method.

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