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Three unusual ways to grow online with social media 

In the online existence of every brand, there inevitably comes that particular moment when everything seems to be running smoothly, with good performance of its content and an ever-increasing level of interactions between the company and its online audience, especially on social media, with inevitable spin-offs in the number of followers, shares and likes obtained from each post. 

This result is certainly the fruit of excellent management of the company’s social channels, nurtured by a well-structured digital marketing strategy with precise performance gauges, so that it is always possible to keep an eye on the progress of publications and, where necessary, make small changes to get its communication back on track. 

These results, in most cases, are achieved by all those companies that decide to exploit the combined action of a good website, equipped with all the appropriate spaces to complete purchases or to subscribe, and the other virtual channels available to the company, in particular social media, which in this historical phase can also be used safely to increase user traffic to their website, or in any case to allow the brand to build a solid online reputation. 

Most companies usually always try to open profiles within the most popular platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, thus trying to increase their visibility in virtual contexts frequented every day by millions of potential new customers. The result of a good management of these fundamental spaces, represented by the website and the most popular social media, can certainly lead to excellent results in terms of performance, also from the point of view of sales. 

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Never stop 

Many companies, having reached this point, make the grave mistake of stopping, simply because they may have noticed that their sales and interaction levels on classic social media are quite satisfactory, or because they do not have enough staff to handle further virtual brand expansion. But this way of reasoning is completely wrong, and in some cases may even prove detrimental to the company’s fortunes in the long run. 

The fact that a company has achieved an excellent level of management of its social media profiles does not mean that it should not try to open up other channels, perhaps within arenas that are little frequented by the competition and generally considered inferior, but which in reality would allow the brand to conquer audience segments that it would never have thought of reaching, and to distinguish itself more easily in a terrain where competition is lower. 

Beyond traditional social media 

We are talking about social media such as Snapchat, Tumblr or Pinterest, which are often (for sometimes inexplicable reasons) completely neglected by brands, even by those who would have a greater interest in exploiting these platforms for their own purposes. 

A profile on a platform such as Pinterest, for example, which is frequented by 77% women, should be an absolute must for all those companies that predominantly target a female audience, such as the cosmetics or make-up sector, and should always be placed alongside the main social media pages, acting in combination with them to generate an even higher number of interactions. 

Those targeting a younger audience, on the other hand, instead of focusing solely on TikTok, could try a social media site like Tumblr, where most users are under 35 years old. Through the useful function of live videos, moreover, companies could try to engage their audience in a useful and at the same time entertaining way, becoming a kind of inspiration for their followers. One should always try to extend the operational horizons of one’s business, without setting oneself any limits, and without ever stopping.

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Those who have successfully broadened their horizons have certainly been the online gambling sector, which over the years has been able to successfully move online and give rise to powerful portals full of fabulous entertainment opportunities for all tastes, even the most demanding. 

A portal like VegasSlotsOnline, for instance, allows its users to experience a wide variety of games, from slot machines to classic casino games, all in an extremely intuitive and enjoyable way. The pleasantness of the gaming experience is enhanced and fuelled by the ease of navigation within the site, but also by the huge variety of games to choose from. Every user, even for the first time in his or her life, will be able to find a game to suit his or her taste in a matter of seconds, immediately immersing themselves in one of the most intriguing experiences to be found on the web. 

In the world of business, one must always keep one’s gaze high, fixed in front of one’s eyes, ready to spot new opportunities and grasp them at once, without the slightest hesitation.

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