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The Marketing Chemistry Behind Use of Quality Packaging for Pre-Rolls

In our business, we have found that providing a great pre-roll can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. We’ve been testing various types of packaging for our pre-rolls to ensure they aren’t too tight, so people don’t have to fight the wind when trying to smoke their joints, and we want them not too loose because it’d be annoying if they fell out while you’re driving around with your friends.

So, we tested various methods to improve the quality of pre-rolls and looked into whether or not certain materials could lead customers into believing that our pre-rolls were bigger than other companies. After all, who doesn’t like getting more weed for their buck?

We experimented with different types of pre-rolls for this study, including mylar baggies, small sandwich bags, glass jars, and custom pre roll boxes. We also tested the idea of using bigger boxes to deliver pre-rolls because that’s what our customers wanted. These boxes provide several benefits to businesses. Some of these benefits are:

1) Increase in Popularity

People love to collect things, and boxes are a physical representation of your business. When people receive their pre-rolls at home, having them arrive in a box is far more impressive than a small sandwich bag or mylar baggie.

2) Aesthetically Pleasing

The presentation of a product is important. This is especially true for medical dispensaries that have serious patients who care about the quality of their weed as well as the presentation on the shelf.

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3) Decrease in Smell

Mylar bags sometimes smell like weed because they come into contact with so much of it. Boxes minimize contact with weed and decrease its scent, which makes security happy and customers happier if they expect less of a smell when they open up their pre-roll.

4) Less Breakage

When employees handle a product, they can’t put as much pressure on it when it’s in a box because the box will pop open. But you don’t have to worry about that if you use something called “Mylar bags.” These are great because the employee can squeeze the contents of the bag without any consequences. With a box, you risk breakage more often.

5) Less Expensive

It costs less to package weed in a mylar bag because the machine doesn’t need to be as strong. Heavy-duty machines are expensive, and you don’t want them for weed. Unless an employee has a machine that can use mylar, then they would not use mylar based on price.

6) More Durable

Mylar bags can be sealed more tightly than boxes which helps to protect the product from breathing in the environment. This is extremely important for preserving the scent and quickly transferring it through a joint or blunt. It is hard to make a joint without any flavour if it is fresh. So use mylar bags! Then the joint will not be bad.

Some companies prefer papers over pre-rolls, but they still use mylar. This is because fewer people will complain about them being dry on arrival.

7) Convenience

Mylar bags are easy to work with when filling up the machine, so they save time in manufacturing operations overusing boxes that have more room for error. For those who have been in the roll business before, you know that time is money, and being efficient with a good quality bag is a win-win across the board!

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But, don’t be too quick to turn your nose up at boxes as there are still some great benefits to using them over bags.

8) Easy Advertisement

In a world where Marketing dollars are scarce, boxes provide the ideal way to advertise your brand. If you want people to know what you have to offer and be able to appreciate your product from afar, throwing a box in any pre-roll is going to help tremendously. When using mylar, it’s just another piece of packaging that has no story or branding at all – certainly not as much as a box would present.

9) Lasting Appeal

If boxes aren’t available for use with your pre-rolls, consider how they will age after being filled up with product and left out for days/weeks/months/years. If you want your brand to maintain the same quality and look, using a box for packaging ensures that it will never change. With mylar, it’s literally like pulling out a bag of birthday confetti – everything falls everywhere and looks very unappealing after any amount of time has passed. Nobody wants a sticky product or leftover residue on their hands either!

10) Strain Accuracy

Picking your strain(s) can enable you to choose the correct weight of each variety available, so you have extra room in the package to fit more flowers inside. Most importantly, this can enable customers with allergies or sensitivities an option that may not be provided otherwise. Every medical pre-roll I’ve seen come through our shop is the same weight, but rarely does any two looks alike or have the same color. This is a great way to give patients an accurate idea of what they’re going to get in terms of both cannabinoids and terpenes.

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Where Can You Get More Appealing Packaging Boxes for Your Pre-Rolls?

One of the best things you can do to improve the appearance and appeal of your pre-rolls is to invest in a box. Several great companies offer a selection of colors, designs, and custom printing options to help you create attractive custom tuck top packaging for any size or shape container.

The popularity behind this pre-rolled joint has exploded over the last few years following its creation by rappers like Snoop Dogg, which walks around with an orange pill bottle containing these pre-rolled joints. That’s how they look on the street! Nowadays, people want their pre-rolls wrapped up nicely too. It also depends where you’re located at whether it be California or Colorado. Some dispensaries may not like your product if it doesn’t have a nice appearance.

Quality packaging can increase your brand’s visibility, convey professionalism, and even attract new customers. So why not take the extra steps towards presenting your pre-rolls in an aesthetically appealing way? A dispensary will have certain standards for their products if they utilize quality boxes, so be prepared! That’s why having someone to help you with this task is vital.

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