Teaching the Names of Animals and Birds

Teaching the Names of Animals and Birds

Naming words are those words which have names, such as birds, animals, fruits, vegetables, places, etc. We all know that parents are the first teachers of a child. When kids start growing, they start learning words from their parents. They have a strong memory that helps them remember things faster. That is why kids imitate all our actions and reactions. Therefore, we all must be very careful while teaching them. While teaching kids to understand and remember the various naming words, you can be a little creative to make the learning process easier. 

It is usually noticed that when the kids are taught by their parents, they learn faster and learning becomes easier for them. It is because of their attachment to their parents. They remember the words which they see. Whether it is an action or an object, if the words are repeated, they tend to remember them. Another exciting way of teaching kids can be by showing pictures or real objects. For example, if kids are to learn the birds name, they can be shown images of different birds. But, keep in mind to start with common birds which they see every day, like crows, pigeons, sparrows, etc. Along with the pictures of birds, we can also show them the real birds in our surroundings or various birds on the internet. After they have seen the pictures and heard the names, it will be easier for them to remember the names as well as study the features. If they see a crow on their balcony, they can scream, pronouncing ‘crow’ or imitating it. 

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Similarly, when you have to teach the names of the animals, you can engage kids in activities or can show them the real animals. While walking on the streets, sitting on the balcony, travelling, etc., if you find an animal around you, you can point towards it and repeat the names, which will help them imprint the animals name and understand the features of the animal. We must keep in mind to show the animals which are commonly found like cows, cats, dogs, etc.

Other than just pointing out the birds and animals, we must engage them in different activities. We must not forget that kids are immature, and we have to create awareness among them. Engaging kids in different activities will help them involve all their five sense organs, making the learning smoother and faster. Some of the activities which can be really helpful in teaching various namings words have been mentioned below for your reference.

Activities to Teach Naming Words

  • Aligning the names and the pictures of the birds and animals. We can ask the children to match the names with the animals or vice versa. To make it even more exciting, we can ask them to paste the pictures of the animals.
  • Making cards with pictures of animals and birds and matching the cards with the names of the animals. 
  • Visiting zoos or national parks and repeating the names of animals and birds.
  • Asking the kids to point out the animals as per their colours. 

Learning the names of various animals and birds from a very young age will sharpen their minds. Since they have a comfort zone with their parents, it would be really easy for them to remember other naming words with ease.

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