Role of the Incense Burner in Aromatherapy

The evolution of this world is hypersonic. It has become a race for people to transform their lives towards betterment. Every person wants to achieve their goals. In the midst of chaos, people are facing different kinds of psychological problems. Although man has created robots to be less burdensome, he has instead become more busy to accomplish his goals. So during a tough routine, anxiety and stress disorders are common in many people. This anxiety and stress can be worse if not treated on time. So with the evolution of the world in materialistic things, psychology and health care also evolved to another level, and many therapies have been introduced till now. Aromatherapy is one of them. So if you are not familiar with aromatherapy, we are here to tell you all about aromatherapy and the role of incense burners in this therapy.

What is Aromatherapy?

for those people who are suffering from some kind of psychological problem such as anxiety, stress, or depression. These kinds of problems can lead to panic attacks. For those who don’t know about panic attacks, It is a situation when someone starts interpreting their physical symptoms and their reality contact is terminated, and they let their symptoms dominate themselves and can’t understand what is going on in their surroundings. So aromatherapy is specially for those people who are suffering from panic attacks. Because an effective fragrance can help that person become mesmerised by sensuousness. The question that arises here is how aromatherapy works. So as we all know, there are multiple senses that exist in a human being, such as

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● Vision

● Hearing

● smell

● Taste

● Touch

So when someone suffers a panic attack, that person loses all their senses for a few seconds or minutes. To overcome panic attacks, psychiatrists use the fragrances of some essential oils or perfume. With the help of the fragrance, the person starts recruiting his senses. This therapy is called aromatherapy, and this is how a fragrance can be used to treat psychological disorders.

Other fragrances and incenses

Aromatherapy is used for medical purposes. We all know that other perfumes and fragrances are made artificially and contain some kind of chemical. For effective aromatherapy, they need to use natural fragrances. Incenses are beyond comparison for the purpose of aromatherapy. That is why every meditation centre and in aromatherapy, incense has been used by the specialists. Incense has been used for centuries. They are natural and have all the benefits of the main flower from which they originated. The incense experts try their best to provide all the benefits of these flowers, herbs, resins, wood, and spices to people.

Benefits of incense

Incense is made from natural resources such as flowers and herbs. Every herb has a different benefit, so the incense experts created these incenses for not only a pleasant fragrance but also to provide all the benefits of herbs to the person who is using them. Due to this, many meditation centers, yoga centers, and many psychiatrists are using incense in their therapies. The marvellous benefit of these incenses is that now you don’t need to join any meditation or yoga centers; you can create the same ambiance at home by using these incenses.

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For the people who are facing the problem of panic attacks, stress, and depression disorders, psychiatrists suggest they pursue aromatherapy; they can use these incenses as well. Incenses are now so easy to use that you can use them on a daily basis at your home and workplace, as well. Burning incense can help you reduce stress and anxiety, which will definitely help you get rid of panic attacks. If you are confused about how to use incense, don’t worry; further in the article, I will let you know how you can use incense.

How to use incense

Incense is now accessible to everyone. All you need to do is buy your favourite incense, which you will use with an incense burner. Incense burners are the main core of these incenses because they enhance the working of an incense, and due to this, the whole process of burning an incense becomes more animated and graceful. Incense is now available in different shapes and fragrances.


● Hand-rolled incense

● Sticks

● Spiral

● Cones


● Lavendar

● Jasmin

● Night queen

● White musk

● Cinamon

● Myrrah

● Frankincense

● Sage

● Amber

● Rose

● Vanilla

and many more. All these fragrances are available in incense. All these are derived from natural resources. Every fragrance has its own benefits; for example, lavender has the capability to reduce stress and anxiety. Sandalwood helps heal wounds quickly. So choose the suitable incense for yourself.

Incense burners

Incense burners are devices made of metal, wood, or clay. Just like incense, the burners are also according to your personal preferences. My personal favourite burners are waterfall incense burners, which are made of clay. Due to these burners, using incense has become super easy, and it also works as a decoration piece. The burners correspond to the shape of incense. For stick incense, there is a different type of burner. A incense waterfall burner is especially made to burn cone incense.

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These burners are safe to use, as we all know that the incenses are flammable, and while they are burning, it could be dangerous, so these burners make these incenses safe to use for their users. So the known burners are

● Clay pot burner that is filled with ashes to carry stick incense

● Waterfall incense burner for cone-shaped incense

● Hanging spiral burners

● Box buurners

● Wooden burners

● Bowl-shaped burners for powdered incense


Incense has prodigious benefits for everyone. It is not only for those people with some stress and anxiety disorders; in fact, it can be used by anyone and is equally beneficial for everyone. Many people are using it as a trend. Some mental health specialists suggest everyone use incense because it will help them to keep their mental condition normal so that they will not feel stress and anxiety due to the daily hectic routine. So if you are having a practise routine and feeling stress and anxiety, give it a try, but if the problem is worse, then consult a good psychiatrist.



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