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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Plumbing:

All about commercial plumbing

OBS Facilities is the service offered by obs limited under obs facilities under which you can have excellent commercial plumbing services not matter where and when you want in London. People often mistook that plumbers are same for any scale work but this us not the case.

Do you think every driver or every builder is same? A person driving a car is a driver, while a person running a train is also a driver but they are not same. Similarly, a person doing the groundwork is builder. While the person making the structure of the building is also a builder but agian they are not same.

See, though they were being called the same. But they have different sets of skills in terms of the scale of the work ther do. Same is the case with plumbers. You need to know this whenever you hire the plumber for the work.

Let say you need plumbing services for your house then you should know that commercial plumber won’t be as helpful as an ordinary plumber would. So, instead of wasting your time and money over wrong sort of plumber, it is far better that you hire the right person at first place.

There are various services that you could have with the commercial plumbers only. With our commercial plumbers London you could have services regarding the problems with water supply, waste water drainage for public spaces, buisness, or high rise buildings.

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As this work has to be done on the large scale. So, the level of expertise and experience is different for them. In case you want services in this sector you need to know that only the right commercial plumbers would have your solution.

Under obs facilities you could have the plumbers for your work according to the work scale. So, feel free to reach us anytime for any kind of plumbing service.

Types of plumbing

There are many kinds of plumbing. Yes, you read it right. So far we collectively called that plumbing services are needed where water work is in question. However, you need to know this is not as simple. In general there are five types of plumbing for which plumber are required to provide their best possible services.

OBS Facilities
OBS Facilities

Water supply

Top of the list is the water supply. As the plumbing system is the system of pipes which has to be in best condition to make sure that it supplies the water with equal pressure to all sites of the building. In case there is any blockage in the pipe or any leak then we mostly hire plumber to see the problem.

This problem is same at both large and small sector. In fact, often it small scale water supply is linked with the building plumbing system. So, you have to hire the professional carefully to make sure that he will fix the problem from its root.

Sanitary plumbing

This is the most important service or you cna say type of plumbing we ever encounter. As bathroom is the most important place in any house or a building. So, you need to know that you hire the right person to do the job in case of any kind of issue with plumbing at your bathroom. You require best plumber to do the job so you don’t have to face any inconvenience later.

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This type of plumbing is important for the building structure. With any leaks due to improper drainage seepage of water could start which can affect the overall structure of the building. Thus, it is important that you too this matter seriously and hire only the best professionals to do the job regarding drainage.

Gas fitting

You may be astounded about the fact that gas fitting is also a plumbing type which only right plumbers can do. Thus, in case you want to have this work done you have to reach the plumber for his services.


Proper channelling of water from the roof towards the drain is important, which only the right plumber can provide.

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