LinkedIn for Students

Social networking has been a gobsmacking revolutionary medium that none of us saw coming. We’ve come a long way from the use of MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. Instant messaging was a hype in those times as well as today. However, whether social media use has been potentially useful or mostly harmful is a debate that hasn’t been answered yet. For students, it has been deemed a wasteful and unhealthy addiction. But there are certain social media that can be used for the better.

For instance, LinkedIn is a social media platform that helps in connecting you with people all over the globe but in a virtually professional setting. Let’s have a look at the numbers. It features more than 55 million companies. Dissertation writing help say there’s a 71% higher chance of you getting called for a job interview based on your profile. With people opting for WFH and remote jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an influx in remote job postings by 6 times.

So here are the reasons why we believe any high school student ought to have a LinkedIn profile.

1.      Connect with Professionals

As mentioned before, LinkedIn has established its hold across the world, which means it’s a global platform that can land you a job miles away with just a profile. The idea is you to get to meet other professional people outside of your friends’ circle. Even bigwigs like Bill Gates and Justin Trudeau are on LinkedIn. Hence, there’s no loss in getting to know about people’s work-life philosophies if you can adopt such practice and make your life better. Also, it’s entirely up to you whether you’d like to connect with a certain person or not.

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2.      Job hunt

Looking for a job can be challenging and exhaustive, which is why you need all hands on deck to make each and every attempt of yours to work out. As a result of which if you’re joining LinkedIn instead of another place to look for a job, we’d say it’s a pretty safe bet. LinkedIn allows you to look up jobs as per your preference. Furthermore, you can customize by playing with the search box controls. Not only that, from time to time, LinkedIn will continue to ping you regarding prospective jobs. Furthermore, you’d be notified if someone has visited your profile.

3.      Email Alerts

Just like any other social networking website or app, LinkedIn allows you to toggle your email notifications as per your liking. Then you’d only get notified if you have asked for it. Because oftentimes you might get a message from an important user, but if you don’t reply promptly or within a few years. You might miss your chance. Furthermore, these email alerts can also be turned on while job hunting. So if you apply for a job, the moment it is posted, you’re likely to be in the lucky top 10 who’d be given a go by the employer.

4.      Company Research

LinkedIn provides a great way for you to look into company profiles before you make a go for any company. You can check out their social media, their activities and even their genuineness through their profile alone. An active LinkedIn profile means that the company values in keeping professionalism alive even on social media and that they’d like their employees to voice out the good things to make the people aware of their working environment. You can compare it with other companies and their employees to judge if you should join a certain company or not. Getting to hear what people say about a company is extremely crucial.

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5.      Let the suitable job find you

Often times instead of stumbling upon your ideal job, it finds you. On LinkedIn, there are various HR personnel and Talent Acquisitions who are on the lookout for talented individuals. What do you know? One of them might see the potential you hold and might want to hone it even more, to become an asset to their company. Make sure to have a profile that states all the necessary information about you so that employers can know who you are and what your expertise are. A number of people have landed job interviews thanks to their LinkedIn profiles.

6.      Interview Preparation

Another reason why joining LinkedIn can be beneficial as experienced people can provide you insight on the work-life balance. It may not be ideal, and you may choose not to opt for you, but the perspective will stay at the back of your mind. For instance, if you’re feeling nervous about the interview of a company, you can look up its page on LinkedIn, or you can get in touch with someone who’s a part of the company and request them to give you an idea or two. Often people share various posts on LinkedIn that can be useful in the long run.

7.      Proving your dedication

A great way of proving that you’re serious about your profession is to set up a LinkedIn profile. If you’re specific in your summary. You ought to be able to prove yourself a worthy candidate to someone who comes looking around. However, you have to make sure your LinkedIn provide looks different from your other social networking profiles. You should use a professional picture, complete your entire profile, your schooling, additional certificates etc. This way, you should be able to give the impression that you are indeed a professional who’d like to work diligently and would like to contribute towards the betterment of a company by becoming a part of it.

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All in all, we believe LinkedIn is one social networking website where you ought to spend time, especially if you’re a graduate student who’s looking for a job. Any law dissertation writing service would guarantee that LinkedIn can land you exceptional job opportunities, and all you need to do is prove that you have the aptitude for it.






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