Avoid Electricians Scam

How To Avoid Electricians Scam

It’s hard to know if you’re dealing with a legitimate contractor or not. There are so many electricians out there that it can be difficult to know who is good and who is bad. But there are several telltale signs that can help you identify an electrician scam before it happens. Electricians at lightninggroup.com.au are some of the most trusted professionals in the world. They are often called upon to work on homes and businesses, and they play an important role in helping people get the lights on.Unfortunately, there are also electricians who take advantage of their customers by overcharging them or performing shoddy work. Unfortunately, there are many different scams you need to be aware of before hiring an electrician.Here are some things to watch out for when hiring an electrician:

They’re too cheap

If an electrician is willing to work for less than $100 an hour, or even less than $75 per hour, then they are likely not licensed, insured and bonded. Licensed electricians in most states make around $85 per hour or more for residential work and $115 per hour or more for commercial work. If you find someone charging less than that, then they probably aren’t a legitimate professional electrician.

The $99 Special

This is a classic scam that plays on people who don’t know better. Someone comes by and offers to fix whatever electrical issue is plaguing your home — from broken outlets to blown light bulbs — for only $99. They might even tell you that they can do the job in 20 minutes or less, which makes sense because it is only one outlet that needs fixing, right? Wrong! The problem with this offer is that it usually involves doing more work than necessary just so they can squeeze some extra money out of you. In other words, they are going to rip you off!

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They don’t have references

A real professional will have plenty of references from past clients they’ve worked with in the past — especially if they’ve been doing this work for years (like us!). If they don’t have any references or they won’t give them to you when asked, then it’s time to put your guard up because something isn’t right here!Ask for proof of insurance so that if anything goes wrong during your project, there’s coverage for both parties involved. You should also ask about liability insurance coverage in case anyone gets hurt while working on your property (like an employee).

Check references and licenses

Any reputable company will have no problem providing you with references from previous clients, as well as proof of licensing and insurance coverage. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or online review sites such as Yelp or Angie’s List for any complaints against a particular company.

Look for signs of professionalism

A business card is just the beginning: A professional will also take the time to explain their services clearly and answer any questions you may have about how much work needs to be done or what kind of wiring would work best in your home. If they seem rushed or unwilling to answer questions, that’s a red flag that they might not be very safe or trustworthy after all! Assembling and maintaining an electrician tool kit with the proper tools and gear is one of your main responsibilities as an electrician.


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