How To Use Astrology To Know Your Partner Better?

Do you want to consult an online Jyotish or astrologer for love, marriage, or relationship advice? Continue reading to learn how astrology can be an excellent tool for revealing details about your partner and relationship on a deeper level.

Astrology is a great tool for understanding yourself and your relationships on a more conscious, cosmic level. It becomes simpler for partners to relate to and understand one another when they recognize and understand themselves and their patterns. Astrology can assist us in identifying and embracing aspects of ourselves that our culture may not necessarily value. Many people now use astrology to assess relationships, friendship dynamics, and even significant life decisions. 

Knowing your own and your partner’s birth charts are crucial for connecting and relating to your partner because it allows for a deeper exploration of your charts’ planetary positions and what that means for your compatibility. Your birth time is usually beneficial because it determines your rising sign and specific house placements. But if you don’t know your or your partner’s birth time, we suggest getting in touch with specialists for an astrology live chat or phone consultation. 

According to an expert astrologer online, you can examine your birth chart’s houses, particularly the 1st, 5th, 7th, and 8th, to learn more about your relationships. Do not worry that you and your partner are star-crossed lovers. According to online Jyotish, a couple can always rely on a mitigating circumstance or planetary connection to promote harmony and connection between them.

Are you ready to connect with your partner through the stars? Read on to find out how.

  • It enables you to understand your partner’s innate nature – 
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One of the most crucial elements of a person’s natal chart and life is their rising sign. It is our fundamental nature or sense of who we are. For instance, if your partner has Taurus as their rising sign, they probably appreciate the arts, music, a little extravagance, nature, and the comforts of home. Additional information like these can help you appreciate and understand your partner on a deeper level, suggests online Jyotish

Furthermore, their rising sign and 1st house can reveal how this person begins a relationship and approaches new experiences. Relationships with this person may begin quickly if their rising sign is Aries, but more slowly if it is Taurus.

  • It helps improve communication – 

Mercury is associated with communication and mental processes. If you chat with astrologers consulting about relationship issues, they will lean on Mercury’s position to resolve conflict if there are issues. Even if a couple has excellent astrological compatibility, if they can’t communicate, they won’t last. The good news is that effective communication can occur even when Mercury signs are incompatible. While ease is a key component of compatibility, understanding how each partner’s Mercury functions will help couples communicate better.

  • It enables deeper connections –

 Our life’s passions are represented by the 5th house, which is ruled by Leo. You can find hobbies and passions in this house, where we enjoy spending our time. You can get a sense of the kind of person you are and the fun you want in a relationship from the zodiac signs placed throughout this house.

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For instance, fire signs (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius) in the 5th house enjoy a good time and yearn for an energetic, passionate partner who shares their interests. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) in this house favor emotional connections and falling in love, and there could also be emotional drama in the relationship. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) love stability in the 5th house. They might not be as dramatic as water or as exciting as fire, but they still enjoy the sensual pleasures of the body and the home. Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) in this house need mental stimulation and adore partners with whom they feel they can talk all day and have balance and harmony.

  • It exhibits their romantic side – 

You can get a comprehensive understanding of a person’s romantic tendencies by looking at Venus in the chart and all of its aspects. This planet of love governs their sensuality, preference for receiving or giving attention, desire to please and be pleased, and perspective on love. You can get a good idea of how people like to love by looking at every house that Venus, Libra, or Taurus resides in.

  • It reveals their preferences for sensual gratification – 

Mars is especially important in love and marriage relationships because it governs our relationship with sex (among other things). Your Mars placement can reveal how important physical intimacy is to you and the types you prefer.

  • It reveals your partner’s level of dedication – 

The 8th house represents sex, marriage, and other people’s money. This house continues and elaborates on the relationship started in the 7th house, from who your partner is to how your relationship functions. How you and your spouse behave in a marriage, how you handle money and domestic matters, and your attitudes toward physical intimacy are all explained by the planets or signs in this house.

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Astrology helps determine everything you need to know about your partner and the relationship. Professional expert Astrologer suggests that the Moon and Venus signs will always be the most helpful in figuring out how to create a harmonious environment in a relationship because of what they stand for (safety and love, respectively). Still, all seven traditional planets and your birth chart’s unique composition are useful in getting to the bottom of things. 

To learn more about yourself and your partner with a personalized astrology Live Chat consultation experience with astrologers online.

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