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How to Use a Pen and FAQs

Really a vape pen that you can buy from any vape shop is an easy thing to learn about and use. Designers purposely keep it intuitive where you basically hold down a button and inhale or it is draw-activated. Here are some tips on their use, the different parts and some frequently asked questions to get you started!

Using a vape pen

  1. Make sure the vaping device is completely charged. They will not be fully charged when you buy them and the battery can drain over time when not used for a long time. Sometimes people think their pen is not working when it is just that it needs to be charged.
  2. With vape pens that have a button, you can click that five times to fire it up and then the same to turn it off, but those clicks need to be done rapidly.
  3. With a disposable vape or normal vape pen that is draw-activated you literally just need to draw or inhale on the pen and it will turn on. When it is not used for a certain period it will turn itself off.
  4. When you first inhale begin slowly and make with a button-operated one that you inhale at the same time that button is pressed down. Keep in mind that the device will cut the power after so many seconds so if you want to be able to draw longer you will need to learn to release the button for a very brief slit second and then press it down again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What exactly is a vape pen?

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A2 This is a pen-shaped device that allows a person to vape both inside and outside. It is easily transported or carried around, to allow you to inhale vapours you also purchase from a vape shop.

Q2 Are vape pens better than other vaping options?

A2 Vape pens are not better than other vaping devices, they are just another option when it comes to vaping. In some cases, you might prefer a pen because it is easy to carry around. At other times you might go with a vape mod that gives you a bigger draw and more power that you use at home. It depends on what kind of performance you want to see and the experience you want to have and who is using the device with you.

Q3 Do I need to get anything else when I get a vape pen?

A3 A vape pen is an all-in-one vaping device so you do not need any other equipment to use them. Some come prefilled, as you find with a disposable vape pen, but others you will need to replace the e-liquid as it gets used up.


When you are looking for the best vape pen for yourself, it can help to talk to the professionals in the shop to help you. While research online is a great thing to get some basic knowledge, they can also help you select something that properly meets your needs.


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