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What to Think about When Buying a Weed Pipe

When you enjoy smoking cannabis products a weed pipe can be a handy device to have. It has a component that is bowl-shaped where the leaves are placed, usually after using a weed grinder to make them finer, and then they are lit and you can smoke them. Weed pipes come in different sizes, shapes and even material so you just need to find something that you prefer. Pipes are more efficient than smoking joints, you do not need to develop the skill of rolling a joint and they are re-usable.

Buying a Weed Pipe you are Happy with

Whether this is your first weed pipe or not, it is a fun experience but you need to learn a bit about the options so you get one that suits your style of smoking, how much money you have and so on. Here are some tips.

1) Check the quality of the pipe

It is the case when you want to buy a weed pipe that cheaper options tend to be a lower quality type of pipe. That can have a negative impact on the experience when you smoke with it and it also has less durability. It is recommended that people look for the best quality they can afford. For example, if you want a glass pipe, Borosilicate glass is a good choice since they are more resistant to breaking and are also heat resistant.

2) Check the capacity of the bowl

If you are looking for something shorter to smoke then a smaller bowl is good. If you want longer sessions then you want a larger bowl so you do not have to keep refilling.

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3) Consider the thickness of the pipe

The thickness will have a big impact on the experience you have. People are drawn to thicker glass pipes because of the better experience and it makes them more sturdy. The glass does not impact the scent or flavour of the herb and it is safer since it is not combustible. Check for defects in the glass, for cracks and so on.

4) Think about the size and shape

As well as buying some useful accessories like a weed grinder, when you are looking at actual pipes you should think about length, size, and shape as well. Some give different hits and experiences, some are easier to carry around, some are easier to clean and so on.

Three types of popular pipes

1) Glass water

This type of weed pipe is also commonly referred to as a bong and they are thought of as being better than a hand pipe because they give a better smoking experience. They have a percolation chamber that makes the inhalation a lot more smooth. You can get them in different styles and at different price ranges.

2) Hand

A hand pipe is a great option for beginners and they are portable, so useful for casual smoking. They can be made from metal, glass or plastic though glass remains the best option. It is important to make sure they have good airflow and that they are cleaned.

3) One hitter

These are smaller options that are literally what they say, a one-hit to use when out and about. Some are just a few cm long! They look somewhere like a cigarette so you can smoke without being spotted.

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