save space in your kitchen?

How to save space in your kitchen?

When it comes to a great kitchen, good storage is extremely important. There are always things that you want to have to stack upon- whether it’s snacks or the regular staples. You can never compromise on space. 

Keeping things organized in the kitchen can, however, be quite difficult. There are always groceries coming in and you should be able to find your ingredients easily while cooking. At the same time, you must be careful that you store food properly to avoid pest infestation and damage to products. So, let’s find out some of the best ways to save space in your kitchen!

Install hooks and spaces to hang up your utensils. Mugs are way easier to hang up and occupy less space. Same for your pans, pots, and ladles. They are also much easier to distinguish when you hang them up separately. After washing, they can easily dry up and be ready for the next usage. That’s why hooks are a must in every kitchen.

  • Install dividers to organize plates 

Plates must also be kept straight so that they can easily be dried after cleaning and picked out easily while cooking. It’s best to keep them on divider racks. They can become way easier to manage without any fear of breaking or damaging plates.

While organizing the cabinet, place a few pan dividers and stack pots and lids. By putting the dividers perpendicular to the shelf, you can easily organise baking sheets and pans.

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  • Design pull-out drawers for spices, spoons, and cutlery

You may have a lot of spoons, knives, and cutlery that need to be used frequently. Make separate drawers for them and make sure that they are labelled to avoid confusion. Similarly, you can make a rack for spices and again, don’t forget to label.

Drawers are a simple way to save up on space and make your ingredients easier to access with just one pull. You may also install a pull-out cutting board with a dustbin underneath to make your cutting easier. 

  • Have a lot of bins and baskets

When we are talking about saving space in the kitchen, we cannot forget the value of bins and baskets. They are the best way to make your things accessible while also organized. Keep things orderly if you can’t keep them out of sight. Invest in some attractive baskets and bins to keep your counter free of clutter. You will find an amazing variety of options that can also match your kitchen decor. 

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  • Design a space for everything

There are at least fifty different items that need an allotted space in the kitchen from groceries to tissue papers, to electronics. Assign a space for every little thing and keep them separately. 

You may find bags piling up in different drawers and cupboards. Set aside a pail or container for any stray bags. Even an old coffee jar may be repurposed. Cut a slit in the lid so you can easily pull out the bags one at a time. How fun and easy is that!

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Try these cool tactics to make more space in your kitchen and remain worry-free while you cook your dishes for your lovelies.


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