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How To Become a Responsible Florida Driver With the Power of Habit

In the entire country, Florida has been ranked as the third worst state for dangerous driving.

Many residents in Florida are uninsured and some are even driving dirty without a license. No matter how much preparation you take before hitting the road, there is always a risk of dealing with accidents or defensive driving. If you want to stay safe behind the wheel, there are a few habits that protect you.

Read below to discover the best habits that will help any Florida driver on the road!

Check Your Mirrors & Seat

One of the first things Florida drivers must do when they get in the car is check the seat and mirrors.

If you want to have a safe trip, even if it’s just to the store, you need to put your seat in the proper place. Try not to sit too close to the wheel since it could cause issues in the case of an accident. You want the chair to be in an upright position, where your knees are bent, and you can reach the pedals.

Mirrors can easily get moved or pushed in. After you get your seat settings adjusted, you need to check the mirrors. Sit as you normally do when you drive and take a look at your side and rearview mirrors.

Even if you use motion sensors and back cameras, you will still need your mirrors on the road.

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Reduce Distractions

Many people develop driving habits that are risky and could result in distracted driving.

Putting on makeup, selecting a new song, or feeding your kids in the backseat should all be avoided when the car is in motion. If you want to get comfortable for a longer drive, set up these things ahead of time and help your kids before pulling away.

Fewer distractions can increase road safety wherever you are. With your focus on the road, you’ll have quicker reaction times and see dangers before you approach them. Although some distractions can’t be avoided, try to handle them at red lights or pull to the side of the road.

Practice Patience

Florida drivers have many obstacles to overcome on the road.

Whether you’re near Orlando or the coast, you need to practice patience and create a habit of remaining calm. With all of the traffic from tourists and road changes from hurricanes and flooding, you don’t want to let a commute ruin your day.

Defensive drivers that are experiencing road rage can become a danger to everyone nearby. By practicing patience and moving to the side to let these people pass, you can keep yourself and other drivers safe. Never engage in road rage, even if you smile and wave, it could trigger someone and lead to dangerous situations.

File Your Paperwork

Buying or selling a vehicle comes with a lot of paperwork that you can’t skip.

Failing to fill out paperwork could prevent you from having full ownership of the vehicle. Aside from this, you also need to get insurance and registration. Paperwork helps ensure that people and their vehicles are safe on the road and won’t put others at risk.

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If you want cash for junk car pieces, you must document it. Getting into the habit of filing paperwork will keep your license active and could prevent warrants.

Follow Road Signs

Have you ever been stuck in traffic, saw someone zoom by, and then a few minutes later, realize there was an accident or construction?

Many states are installing electronic billboards and road signs to keep drivers safe. Ignoring these signs could put you in danger or cause another pile-up on the expressway. Always follow the posted directions and speed limits on the road.

If you typically use your GPS or Google Maps for traveling, don’t rely on them completely. These apps often share the road’s speed limit, which is normally correct, but not all the time. Pay attention to your surroundings and signs, even if you take your normal commute.

Invest in Vehicle Maintenance

It’s not uncommon for accidents to suddenly occur due to maintenance problems.

Ignoring your oil change light could lead to problems on the road and your car could fail to start. Going too long without new oil could damage the engine and make your vehicle a hazard. Fixing exterior damage should also be a priority so parts aren’t falling off your vehicle or distracting other drivers.

Make sure you replace your old windshield wipers. New wipers are more effective and can improve your vision during rainstorms and hurricanes. All your lightbulbs should be working, especially your brake lights and turning signals.

Vehicles come with many responsibilities. Getting into routine maintenance, even if you hire someone, will ensure you don’t hit any roadblocks.

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Stay to the Right

Driving habits in Florida tend to include speeding in the left lane.

The left lane, known as the passing lane, shouldn’t be driven on at all times. Only use this lane for a moment to pass a vehicle you are quickly approaching. You can also use the left lane, if it’s empty, to help merging traffic enter the road.

When you use the left lane, don’t be tempted to push on the pedal. You still need to follow speed limits and check the flow of surrounding traffic.

Don’t Be a Dangerous Florida Driver

Certain habits can help make Florida drivers more prepared and vigilant behind the wheel.

With tourists traveling around the state, you need to keep distractions minimal and try to avoid aggressive driving. Practicing these road tips can improve your car insurance rates since you can avoid careless accidents. Before you pull out of the drive, see which habits you’re already practicing.

Be sure to read our blog for the latest automotive content and tips on how to stay safe on the road!


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