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Everything You Need To Know About Air Purification In Your Home

Sometimes the pollution level in indoor air is five times higher than outside. The issue is serious, given that the present generation spends more than 90% of their time indoors. The situation is critical for the elderly and children’s health due to these factors together.

Governments are taking several actions to combat the threat of increasing air pollution, including switching to cleaner and greener technologies, moving industries outside of major cities, raising public awareness, recycling waste, managing agricultural waste, erecting large smog towers, and more.

However, people may easily stop indoor air pollution in their environment by simply installing an air purifier in their indoor spaces from a trusted and well-known expert like

Fidelis Plumbing.

Things You Should Know About Interior Air Purifiers

Applied Technology

The identification of the issue comes first. For some people, it may be allergens in the indoor air, while for others, it might be bacteria and TVOCs. There is a precise remedy for every air issue, and that technology is available now.

Two air purification techniques exist active air purification, which cleans the air by releasing wholesome cleaning chemicals, and passive air purification, which filters the air to remove contaminants. Passive air filtration will not be efficient if bacteria need to be neutralized; active air purification is the best option.

PHI-Cell (Photohydroionization) Technology

A hydrated quad-metallic catalyst is illuminated by broad-spectrum, high-intensity UV light. Together with the catalyst, the UV light transforms airborne hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) molecules, a natural air cleaner that may destroy airborne microorganisms, into naturally existing water vapor. Once these airborne H2O2 molecules have come in touch with a contaminant, they transform into oxygen and hydrogen.

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Reme-Cell (Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy) Technology

Bipolar ionization and photo-hydro ionization are two techniques used in the air purification technology known as REME-Cell (Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy). By electrically charging the air molecules, it ionizes the atmosphere.

These negatively charged ions form a chemical link with the positively charged particles of smoke, dirt, dander, dust, and bacteria. These particles congeal, get heavy, and settle on or adhere to adjacent surfaces. In addition to ionization, the photo-hydro ionization process of purification produces hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which neutralizes and makes harmless bacteria and contaminants accumulate on the surface or in the air.

Size And Air Purification Efficiency

The amount of air that needs to be cleaned and how quickly it has to be removed determines how effective a Fidelis Plumbing air purifier is. Technically, the two basic components are referred to as CADR and Coverage Area.

An air purifier can effectively clean a smaller space with a lower CADR, but a bigger area cannot. However, an air purifier that covers a bigger area and has a higher CADR would use more electricity.


As you can see, these devices are very useful in clearing harmful pollutants and particles from the indoor environment. Fidelis Plumbing purifiers promote a cleaner home while still catering to your preferences. Hopefully, this list helped let you know more about these devices to make a better decision when it is time to purchase one for your home.





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