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Check Your BSNL Bills Online Instantly

If you want to know how to check your broadband bills instantly, you have come to the right place. Like water, electricity, and other essential utility payments, paying the broadband bills has also become crucial for most Indians. Over 56 billion people have to pay their broadband payments in India to be the only second to use it, after China worldwide. And it is to increase to 65 billion by the year 2023. 

BSNL or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, a government-owned telecommunication company, has a long history spanning over 170 years. It is still one of the key broadband players to provide broadband connections with high speed to the nook and corner of India. Hence it is essential for BSNL broadband bill payment online to use its many broadband plans at high speed and affordable costs. 

So, know the many ways to instantly check your broadband bill payments online using the bill payment app.  

Increasing demand for BSNL broadband plans

Broadband is an internet connection through fiber, satellite, ADSL, or mobile services. With increasing online classes and work-from-home because of the pandemic, the need for broadband connections is also increasing. And it is vital to have a higher download and upload speed for uploading and downloading files online. BSNL is the oldest telecommunication company owned by the Indian government and offers many affordable BSNL broadband plans. Depending on the plan, it has a high speed of up to 200 MBPS, enabling the digitalization of education, business, and financial services. And for the millions using it can pay the BSNL bill payments online through MobiKwik instant, safe and easy. 

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BSNL Fibre broadband plans

BSNL introduced its new Fiber broadband plans to provide high-speed internet connection.  Named “Bharat Fiber,” it offers up to 200 MBPS, 50 MBPS faster than Jio’s 150 MBPS speed which is already a market leader. Also, the many plans from basic to high speed are affordable and include, among others. 

  • BSNL Fibre Experience with 30 MBPS speed till 1000 GB with unlimited data download at only Rs. 399.
  • BSNL Fiber basic at Rs.499 offers 30 MBPS speed till 3300 GB with unlimited data download.
  • BSNL Fiber basic at Rs. 599 offers 60 MBPS speed till 3300 GB with unlimited data download.
  • BSNL Fiber value for Rs. 799 offers 100 MBPS speed till 3300 GB with unlimited data. 
  • BSNL Super Star Premium Plus for Rs. 999 offers 150 MBPS till 2000 GB.
  • BSNL Fibre Premium for Rs. 1,277 offers 200 MBPS till 3300 GB with unlimited data downloads. 

Ways to check broadband bills online instantly

With so many BSNL broadband plans, you need to know the many ways to check your broadband bills online instantly. Only then will you not be left out high and dry without any broadband connection. 

Digitalization helps people with high-speed internet connections disconnect the broadband connections for not paying bill amounts on time. Hence, to facilitate easy and fast paying bills on time, BSNL provides the best online portal. Also, using fintech bill payment apps like MobiKwik help to do it instantly with many other benefits. It not only enables students to study online and to work at home fast, but it also enables them to stream OTT platforms and others without any hassles. The following are the ways to check your broadband plans online instantly.

  • Download the BSNL app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Open the app and click the Bill Payment page
  • Key in the account number, user name, etc
  • Select any one of the many payment options 
  • Click the payment tab to complete the BSNL bill payment.
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BSNL being the Indian government telecommunication company though being one of the oldest, offers the latest digitized bill payments fast and easily. It also competes with the telecommunication giants in India like Reliance Jio and Airtel with many affordable plans that offer high speed. Also, since it is a government company, it offers broadband connections across India for most Indian people to benefit from its high speed and affordable costs. 

From the above facts and ways, it is easy for you to instantly check your broadband bills, including BSNL bill payment for paying it on time to use the internet productively for reaching your aims fast.


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