Best Ways You Can Attract New Patients to Grow Your Dental Clinic

Every dental clinic needs to attract new patients so that it can survive in the long run. Along with that, you also need to retain your existing patients’ list. Most dental clinic setup owners are looking for various new techniques to keep their waiting room busy and their office phone ringing every time from new patients. It can be done if the clinic offers top-notch treatment and some effective remedies. 

Most dentists would love to build their patient population, but they need to be aware of the various marketing ploys and gimmicks that can erode the goodwill of their brands. Check for some of these best ways to attract new patients for the growth of your dental clinic.

Creation of a responsive and optimized website

If you can inform the patients about your dental clinic, it can help them select your clinic. For instance, you should have a good website that can help the patients to have a clear picture of the mission and vision of your clinic. You can also take the help of your long-term patients to provide a testimonial that you can put up on your website. Apart from this, various other techniques can help your dental business to expand.

Stand out from the crowd

Attracting new patients can be one difficult task whenever you are thinking of hospital expansion. Depending on the location, you can choose some different practices to make you stand out from the crowd. For instance, you can provide various specializations in sedation dentistry, Invisalign, dentures, implants, and oral sleep appliances. You must keep your office technologies updated. Also, with state-of-the-art technologies, you can help the patients keep returning to this dental clinic.

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Focus on the positive reviews

Whenever you are looking for new ways to get new patients, ensure that your dental office has positive reviews. Any dental clinic setup that prioritizes the reviews has no positive reviews and cannot gain many customers. The simple fact behind this is that nobody would choose a dentist with 0 reviews. The online reputation happens to be critical, and it is paramount to your digital presence.

Distribution of the press release

Press releases happen to be one of the best ways to gain patients. It is one of the primary parts of any dental marketing campaign.

Social media marketing

If you want to attract dental patients, then you should try out the social media marketing method. Having your presence on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter can provide a brand to your dental clinic. In this era of updated technology, social media happens to be one of the most powerful online marketing tools. Most businesses are approaching social media marketing in the wrong manner. You need to use proper hashtags to participate in wider conversations.

Also, you can take the help of social media for cross-promoting your techniques. It can help you to get new patients.

Apart from this, one of the best ways to attract patients to your dental clinic for hospital expansion requires the dental owner to offer a membership plan. The dental membership plans need not have to be widespread. But it is one of the good options for non-insured patients. Moreover, you can offer an annual membership plan covering two cleanings, two exams, two bitewing X-rays, and 15% discounts on various additional services.

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Along with that, blogging can help a lot to attract and hold the customer. Companies that incorporate blogging as one of their marketing strategies receive positive outcomes. Also, make sure that you are flexible with the payment option. You can partner with any financing company or have the appropriate methods to accept credit card payment.

To expand your hospital or grow your dental clinic, you need high quantum of amount. In such a case, you can apply for a doctor loan and get collateral-free funds up to Rs. 42 lakh. Leading financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv provides pre-approved loan deals to expedite the loan processing time and make it more hassle-free.


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