All About Suzuki GSX-R125!

It’s the race – and sportier version of Suzuki’s GSX S125, which is said to have the highest power-to-weight ratio for any motorcycle of the 125cc model available. The GSX-R125 offers the benefit of being far removed from a ‘learner’ motorcycle which makes it a great beginning-level bike that doesn’t appear similar to one.

The GSXR125 comes with keyless ignition so you don’t have to press the start button to make the engine start, and you can keep keys in pockets. It’s not a typical 125cc model however one we would want to see, showing the latest technology that Suzuki intends to demonstrate. Also Check: Honda 125 Price in Pakistan

The R125 shows Suzuki’s recent 124.4cc 4-stroke, liquid-cooled DOHC single-cylinder that produces 14.8 BHP. The steering is a major concern for novice riders, and the GSX-R125 is an absolutely perfect bike to ride, with a smooth and easy-to-maneuver which means that moving the bike around is not an issue.

For those who are taller, the riding position can get uncomfortable after becoming strained. Ideal for short commutes, however, if, for instance, you’re planning to spend longer than an extended period, with knees that are always tucked in, you’ll begin to feel it.

With excellent aerodynamics and little wind noise or drag, The small and simple to move around GSX R125 works very well. If you ride this Suzuki in a calm and gentle manner, you can expect to achieve more than 100mpg, and possibly even the advertised 122mpg. If you’re driving the GSX-R125 around the corners at a fast pace and looking forward at the race from the line, then low 90s and high 80s are likely to be reached.

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You’ll be able take pillion passengers on the GSX when you have passed the CBT license to the full motorcycle license. However, sitting from any distance isn’t the most enjoyable. However, the display, like most Suzuki’s is simple to read and clear.

The power delivery with the GSX-R125 is impressive with smooth power release and even despite the slow start to get up to speed in the first and second gears the GSX-R125 packs enough acceleration and power to take on vehicles that are faster on roads, with a speed of up to 70mph. Its price around $5000.

The Suzuki GSX R125 feels like a true sports bike. overall, it is a great performer with excellent handling and the advantage of being accessible to anyone who has a CBT license. Additionally, it’s stunning. If you’re trying to cut through the traffic during their commute, this is the perfect option.

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