6 Benefits To Owning A Pet If You Work From Home

Working at home eliminates many obstacles that could otherwise dissuade professionals from pet ownership. Discover six benefits of owning a pet when you work from home, from companionship to setting a structured daily routine. While your team might not mind an occasional pet visit during a work call, you can use a Microsoft Teams virtual background to stay focused and look professional while working in a home with children, pets or other potential distractions.

Improves Your Mental Health

People can benefit in a number of ways from interacting with animals on a daily basis. Dog owners often experience less severe anxiety, depression and stress than people without pets. Providing a pet with a safe and supportive environment also makes it possible to reap the rewards of companionship.

Get In Those Daily Walks With Your Furry Friend

In addition to supporting mental health, pet ownership can also promote good physical health. Studies on human-pet relationships suggest that regular interactions with animals can lower blood pressure and levels of stress-related hormones. No matter where your adventures lead, a Google Meet virtual background extension makes it easy for you to present a professional image on work calls.

Spend Less On Doggy Daycare

Daycare for dogs is not as expensive as daycare for children, but the costs of daily supervision, or just dropping your dog off a few times a week, can add up. Dog owners can save hundreds of dollars a week by working from home. Dog training is essential to promote good behavior that enables you to communicate clearly and focus on tasks during the workday.

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Structure Your Daily Routine

Some cats and dogs are insistent early risers while others prefer to sleep in. Regardless of when your pet’s day starts, an animal is likely to alter your daily routine. Mealtimes, exercise and play are important activities for many pets. Slotting these activities into your daily schedule can give you mental breaks that relieve stress and structure your day.

Bond With Coworkers Over Pets

Pets can also create and strengthen bonds between people. Whether you have the same type of pet as another coworker or someone you work with has an unusual pet, animals unite teams in ways that go beyond words. While the rules of many office environments limit opportunities to introduce coworkers to your pets, the Zoom background requirements are the only requirement for remote workers to share their pets.

Train Your Pet Throughout the Day

Training is a critical part of co-existing with dogs and other pets that respond to human-led mental and physical exercise. Muting your microphone when you are not speaking can also be considerate.

The benefits of owning a pet while you work from home can even pay off if you take a flex-time or full-time role in the office in the future. The time you can spend with a young pet offers an irreplaceable opportunity for bonding and training, while the chance to spend more time with adult or senior pets also presents a golden opportunity.

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