5 Tips for Styling Skull Jewelry Like a Boss

You might have noticed Skull jewelry making a huge surge in popularity over the last year or so. After all, celebrities like Ariana Grande have stated that they could wear skulls forever.

Who could blame them? The edgy and glam style of skull jewelry screams “fierceness” to others.

If you’re looking to elevate your jewelry collection and prove your eccentric fashion sense, then wearing skull jewelry might be what you need. But you’ve got to do it so that you look good.

Don’t worry. We’ve got a guide to help you. Keep reading for our top tips on how to style skull jewelry like a boss.

1. Start by Selecting a Clean-Cut, Minimalist Look

The first step to styling skull jewelry like a boss is to select a clean-cut minimalist look. This means focusing on one or two pieces, such as a statement necklace or a simple pair of earrings, and allowing them to be the focus of your ensemble.

Avoid over-accessorizing – a few pieces can make a huge impact. When selecting pieces, quality materials are essential.

2. Layer Necklaces and Choose Distinct Shapes

A layered necklace is a great place how to style skull jewelry. Layer necklaces provide a powerful statement that is sure to get attention.

Choose distinct shapes layered together to create a stylish look. You can try combining a teardrop-shaped design with a classic circle.

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Opt for bold shapes like chains that have textured details and stand out. Pick out two to add together for an edgy yet glamorous look. Keep in mind the color of the jewelry when you’re accessorizing. 

3. Play With Texture

To maximize texture, pair a sleek, minimalist piece of jewelry with an edgy piece. Mix textures further by combining leather, metal, cloth, and wood into the same piece.

Create contrast by teaming a shiny silver statement piece with a matte black one. Be bold, and don’t be afraid to try out an unexpected accessory for a creative and modern look. With the right pieces and textures, you can elevate your style from generic to extraordinary.

4. Try Using Metal Accents

Metal accents can provide an edgy and cool look that can create a statement. To create a unified look, use metal accents throughout your entire outfit; try the same metal finish on your jewelry, clothing, and shoes.

Think of metal colors like silver, brass, and gold, and look for colors that will make your metal accents stand out. Keep your outfit simple so as not to take away from the metal accents you have chosen. 

5. Match Rings, Earrings, and Bracelet With a Skull Motif

Mix and match different jewelry with skulls. A skull bracelet looks great with skull earrings and a skull ring.

You can also try combining skulls with other motifs, such as flames, flags, or crosses. With that, buy skull bracelets that will match your style.

Wear Your Skull Jewelry Like a Boss Today

Skull jewelry is a great way to add a unique touch to any outfit. To ensure you look like the boss that you are, remember to coordinate with your outfit, stick to complementary colors, and mix it up with your other accessories.

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With these simple tips, you’ll be rocking skull jewelry like a pro. So head to the store and start experimenting!

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