CANVA VS Adobe Spark: Which Is the Best Online Design Tool?

Adobe Spark or the latest CANVA? 

Are you confused about which software to choose and why?

Maybe you have heard of and used Canva but never used Adobe Spark. Suppose you have not used both of these and want to know which one is the best. Then you are at the best place because this article will highlight some features of both softwares. 

First, you should know what Adobe Spark is. It is a website app created by Adobe that is used to make attractive designs easily. This software has many beautiful templates. So, you can use any of the templates to create amazing videos, logos and graphs. 

Canva is the most famous website app that is used to create graphic designs for daily users. This software has thousands of templates. So, you may easily make a business card or presentation using this software.

Read on to see which program works best for you:

The interface of both softwares is simple and easy. So you can easily find the required template from the softwares. You may easily find the templates for everything on Canva. 

Though you may enjoy the free version of both softwares. No worries because the free version also has many features. While if you want to use the paid version to explore thousands of features. Then you must read this article. 


When it comes to differentiating between Canva and Spark, then you should know that Canva has many tools. That is why you can easily create content and make web development easier according to your wish. These tools include Content Planner and the Clean Website Editor. 

Stock Graphics

In Canva, you may explore millions of stock images, icons and graphics. So it is easy for you to add colorful details to your library. While in Spark, you may explore many free images from the library. Moreover, you may also have access to the paid library of Spark. 


The interface of Canva is simple, natural and smooth. In comparison, it takes time to load the Spark. However, you may enjoy the results of both softwares. But through Canva, you may get a quicker result.

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Publishing Tools

In Canva, there are many helpful tools. One of these is the Content Planner. Using this tool, you may schedule and assign content only in a single place. While in Spark, there is no content planning tool. So, you have to publish your content individually. 

Web Design

Not only for logos, videos, images and presentations, both softwares also have many web designs. So, you may easily choose a template from Web development services according to your wish for your website. Once you have created your web, it is easy for you to share the link with others. 


Another major feature of these softwares is that they help in printing on t-shirts and more. But it is easy for you to print on t-shirts using Canva. You don’t need to involve a third party in Canva. In simple words, Canva has an easy-to-access site with many features. However, Spark is also the best app but less than Canva. 


Both softwares have many collaboration tools. That is why both these help in group projects. Though both help to share content on social media platforms. But Canva is better than Spark. 

Using Canva, you may easily share projects with others. Moreover, it helps you to comment on projects that are the best feature of this software. Through Canva, you may easily share links and edit projects from anywhere around the globe. 

Don’t think that Spark is free of this feature. Using Spark, you may easily share projects with others but not in an app like Canva. In comparison, it allows you to share through emails and links. Moreover, to edit a document, you need to request editing. 

Though both softwares have web apps, these are awesome for any device. It means you can easily access the project and chat with others from anywhere. In simple words, website apps are the best solution to use anywhere. Spark is the best solution for sharing projects on Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Teams and Emails. 

While using Canva, you may share content or projects through Content Planner. So, you may easily make a schedule of posts for the entire month. In simple words, Canva offers many options to share content using social platforms. 

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Using both softwares, you may easily edit or make videos. But Canva is better than Spark at creating quality and attractive videos. However, you may explore millions of images, videos, music and graphics on Canva. So, you may choose any of these stocks. Moreover, the software has an animated feature which allows the addition of animation to the project. So, you may create a project with some visual movement. 

Canva allows you to edit or resize the project according to the medium. It also allows you to insert YouTube videos into the project. 

While using Spark, you may use the Spark video editor. Using this editor, you may add photos, videos and music to a project. For this, you may import music from the stock library. You also have the option to set the duration of the clip.

But you should know that Canva is better than Spark. You can access not only free music but also access many free videos and images using Canva. In simple words, Canva offers many animated features according to user interest. 


Both softwares are compatible with any device. So, you may use them on Mac and windows from anywhere around the globe.

Spark is the best software which allows access through mobiles, desktops, iPads, tablets, iPhones and Androids. It means the software allows you to work from anywhere. It doesn’t ask you to download an app on various computers. You just need to log in and use templates. 

While Canva is also used in all devices such as desktops, mobile and iPad, not only this; the software is accessible on Mac and Windows. This software has a sister app called IG story, Video Collage. It is used to make Instagram highlights. 

Though both softwares are compatible with any device across the globe, so you don’t need to download a file to view or edit it. Access it through the device and make changes as you want. That is why these platforms are versatile and the best option for many devices.


Though both softwares have a simple interface so you can easily use them, in comparison, the workflow of Canva is better than Spark. 

Canva has natural themes and templates. So you may choose the one from a long list. Once you visit the software, it directs you towards the front page and asks you what you need.

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So it takes only a few minutes to create a logo, business card or poster. No doubt, using Canva, you may easily and fastly create your desired thing.

Spark is similar to Canva in providing many customized templates. So you may easily drag and drop the elements you want to use.

When we talk about dragging elements, then nothing is better than Canva. Not only this, there are many features that make this platform better and more natural.


Both softwares are great options to make anything you want. These have millions of features and templates. Canva is easy to use, and Spark has a strong connection with many supporting apps. In simple words, both softwares can stand the test of time.

According to Google Analytics, Canva has almost 30 million users each month, which is more than Spark. The reason is polished features, in-app editor and many other elements. 

On the other hand, Spark is also a good tool that helps you to create content. So you may easily access this software on different devices such as iPad, mobile and desktops. 

You may use this app free of cost with an Adobe subscription. It has many resources, such as Adobe Stock and Typekit. 

Learning Curve

Though both softwares are confusing and disorganized, the reason behind it is the scatters support system.

Though apps are straightforward. But if you want to know the answer to a question. Then you must be ready to explore a million things to find the answer.

Though Spark has many tutorials, videos, images and written content, you still need to explore many things to find a solution to your problem.

While in Canva, the help center is present. So you may ask any question and get the answer you need.

Final Verdict:

Though we have discussed in detail the features and specifications of both softwares, now it is not a big deal to become confused between the two. You may choose any of these softwares to create a business logo, presentation or any other design. Moreover, both softwares are affordable for creating basic graphics. 

Suppose you have to work on heavy designs and create them quickly. Then you must choose any of these softwares. No doubt, Canva and Spark are for those who want precise creative control. However, Spark is less costly than Canva but is not natural like Canva.

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