Writing Prompts and Ideas for Your Junk Journal

Every once in a while, we may benefit from some suggestions and ideas to help us get unstuck. Even the finest writers need them to help get some thoughts flowing or to help them envision how they can journal in a new manner. This is because they may help rewrite their diary more creatively. Use them as a jumping-off point for your original concepts, and then go from there!


Writing Prompts for Your Everyday Journal Made of Junk

  • Use your diary as a daily record


Describe in detail the portion of today that you found the most intriguing. Write about the part of the day that seemed the least intriguing to you, but make it seem like the most exciting thing to you in the last thirty days. Describe something adorable that a pet did today in your essay.


Put into writing a routine discussion you had today at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In one quadrant, jot down the current weather and temperature, and in the next quadrant, draw a drawing of the view from your window.

  • Using your notebook as a thankfulness journal


Describe an experience from the present day for which you are grateful in your vintage leather journal. Write about a meaningful exchange you had with a friend or family member. Write about one aspect of your life that you often take for granted and wish to bring to your attention so that you may be more grateful.

  • Recording memorable events and experiences in your journal


Describe a recent experience with a partner that stood out to you as particularly significant. Describe a time when you and your family got together, and it made you laugh. Share a memory of a loved one who has passed away and a funny moment the two of you had together in your writing.

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  • Using your diary to record biblical passages


Choose your favorite verse from the Bible and explain why it has such a profound impact on your life in a written reflection. Choose a text from the Bible that you have a hard time understanding and write out why you find it difficult.


Choose a verse from the Bible that never fails to cheer you up whenever you’re feeling sad, and write in a notebook about the times it’s done so in the past. Revisit this page in the future so that you may keep contributing to these special occasions.

  • Using your notebook for quotes


You may jot down a famous person’s quotation that you respect and then write why that remark is significant to you in your diary. You could also jot down a quote that boosts your self-esteem if you feel unsure of yourself.


Please make a note of a quotation that, whenever you read it, prompts you to think more deeply about a specific topic. Record a source that serves as your credo Record a quote that never fails to bring a chuckle or a grin to your face.


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