What makes People Excited about the Upcoming 2022 Hyundai Kona N?

The N series from Hyundai offers exciting models for people to drive and enjoy every ride. Thus, 2022 Hyundai Kona N is no different and is the reason why people are excited about this upcoming vehicle.

To understand how the prospect of driving this vehicle makes people exciting, all you need is to go through its specs that show its power and performance capability along with the ability to provide comfort during a ride. So, take a look at the necessary specs before visiting Rosemead Hyundai dealer.

Power and performance

2L engine is what sits under the hood of 2022 Kona N. The same engine is equipped under the hood of the sportiest model of Veloster. This vehicle will generate 276 horsepower but using a red button that is placed on steering wheel, raises the horsepower by 10 to 286-hp for a burst of 20-second. Thus, there is no doubt about the fact that this vehicle offers remarkable power.

Automatic dual-clutch 8-speed is what operates the gear smoothly and the power is routed to front wheels of this car. The over-boosting feature is quite fun and stable, when cornering and grip provided, makes driving this automobile fun for all. Also, its cabin is quiet and offers a pleasurable driving experience even on the highway. The suspension system and more help in providing a comfortable journey for all, making it an upcoming car that people are most excited about.

Interior comfort

The seats and other features ensure that people will have ample comfort when inside the cabin. Also, aesthetically, this car can compete with any of its competitors.Mode buttons, shifter knob, etc. making driving this vehicle quite exciting. In addition, Performance Blue, its signature color, and the contrast stitching make it look stunning.

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Also, for colossal comfort, space provided at the back is huge. People can stretch their legs and sit comfortably. Lastly, the cargo space provided is enough making it a very comfortable car to drive around when in town or when going away for a weekend trip.

The exterior matches the interior by providing an edgy look, which is suitable for this car. Long snout, stylish and unique-looking headlights, distinct headlights, and more make this quite an attractive car in the industry.

Lastly, Hyundai offers several standard driver assistance features such as blind-spot monitor, lane assistance, adaptive cruise control, and more. For more details about upcoming 2022 Kona N, talk to a Hyundai dealer Rosemead.

Price tag

Well, Hyundai is yet to reveal the price of 2022 Kona N, but with the features loaded in it along with the powertrain and performance of this vehicle, it can be said that the price estimated for this car should be around $35k. However, nothing can be informed about pricing for sure until Hyundai officially reveals the price.

Such features and more make people highly excited about the upcoming 2022 Hyundai Kona N. Hurry and pre-book this vehicle to receive the chance of test driving it first and getting a Kona as soon as it is released.

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